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Glen Wakeman is a successful executive and investor mentor, a small business owner, financial services manager, public company CEO, and board member. He has a 21-year experience in management at GE in P&L and business development roles.


He is passionate about growing businesses through improving company agility and performance and by using a proven methodology that enhances and assesses five key dimensions of performance; human capital, leadership, risk management, execution, and governance.

Glen Wakeman is currently the founder and CEO of LaunchPad that has a fully automated software service that helps new entrepreneurs organize their ideas into plans that can work. The company has broad and massive tips and suggestions that will guide start-ups as they start. It is supported by a large number of capital ventures and mentors.

Before this, Glen was the founder and president of Nova 4, a business accelerator that provides access to funders and strategic advice to developing companies. He is still acting as the CEO of coaching and board duties as a way of sustaining the developments. He was the president & chief executive officer of Doral Financial Corporation, and he chaired the board at Doral Bank. The company deals with mortgage banking, commercial banking, retail banking, insurance operations, and institutional securities.

Glen shined in all these positions. For example, he recapitalized, transformed, and turned around DFC from a non-efficient mono line bank-holding firm into an efficient community bank.


Glen has received several locals, national, and international awards for his exceptional leadership and his passion and dedication to the corporate world.


Glen attended the University of Chicago where he received his MBA. For his BS in economics and finance, he participated in the University of Scranton.

Role of GE Capital

Glen spent 20 years in successful complex roles in leadership in business development, general management, and operations management. In his last position as the CEO of GE Money Latin America, he grew a nine-country operation from a startup that exceeded $12B in assets and more than 17000 workers.

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U.S Money Reserve Report On Wealth Protection from Global Risks Which Have Been On the Rise

An eBook has been released by U.S Gold Authority responding to the political and global unrest that has continuously increased. The report contained in the eBook can also be accessed online, and its aim is educating the Americans that have been worried by reducing their exposure to economic risks facing the globe and protection of their money through buying of gold which is believed to be a safe and trusted refuge in such global unrest times. Read more: US Money Reserve | Facebook and U.S Money Reserve | Crunchbase

Global threats and trade wars are on the increase, and experts have noted that this is an economic risk storm. In this regard, the U.S Money Reserve is allowing customers to buy 1/10 oz which is a great opportunity. The company’s expectations are that they will have a great sell-out as a coin inventory has been offered by the U.S government at a special price.

Philip N. Diehl, the U.S Money Reserve president, pointed out that gold has for a long time been a safe-haven world’s asset and that is why its price rises especially at uncertain economic times.

Gold is a powerful tool that most governments approve in savings protection from any possible risk and global risks as it is less volatile and tangible. Philip N. Diehl has continually been a reliable and a source to be trusted in the market of the precious metals.

About U.S Money Reserve

The firm has its location in Austin. It was founded in 2001 as a private distributor, and since then, it has grown to be one of the greatest in U.S. It receives tenders that are legal from foreign and the U.S government through issuing of platinum, silver, and gold products. Many U.S clients bring a variety of their assets to U.S Money Reserve in exchange for precious metals like silver and gold coins.

Numismatic professionals and coin research are among the teams that have benefited from U.S Money Reserve training. The initiative aims at ensuring that they have enough knowledge about the market regarding precious metals and finding buyers for their products.

U.S Money Reserve is an industry that aims at creating a life-long relationship with their customers and ensuring that they provide high-quality services to all its clients. Philip N. Diehl has quality knowledge and experience in the field of precious metals having been the former U.S Mint Director. He has used his knowledge and expertise to ensure the great success of the firm.

CTRMA Promotes MoPac Project to Enhance Infrastructure and Provide Stable Roads for Business


CTRMA is an independent government agency trusted with the task of improving the transport system within Texas. This organization is prominent for developing many roads including tolls and lanes with the primary purpose of enhancing transportation system in the industry. In 2015, the American-Statesman highlighted the transportation issues faced by the residents of Texas. According to the report released, the region needs smart roads, and the only way the agency could develop such roads is by utilizing modern technology. To answer the Statesman, Mike Heiligenstein stated that the agency is a public property and not a private firm. It is right to say that the company under the insightful guidance of Mike Heiligenstein would commit to the development of smart roads just like before when it developed tolls and lanes in Texas.




To address the issue of traffic and congestion, Mike stated that the agency would work on a project called the MoPac Improvement. This is a project that has been generated to assist in alleviating traffic across the North Boulevard. The project is set to add toll lanes across different roads on different lanes. The $200 million project includes 11 miles of total roads in Texas. Since the establishment of CTRMA in 2002, Mike has been in charge. He manages the staff as well as the board members. The board comprises of six members from Travis and Williamson counties. Each member is assigned a department to handle within the agency.




CTRMA is responsible for the entire transportation system including roads, mass transit, airports as well as seaports. Under the leadership of Mike does the agency develop high-tech initiatives and technology to support projects that are geared towards the development of infrastructure. These projects seek to alleviate traffic congestion to build healthy communities as well as promote economic vitality. While many individuals anticipate that the development of smart roads will contribute to finding a permanent solution, Mike holds a different perspective. He is of the suggestion that a larger capacity will play the primary role in developing better, non-congested roads. He also agrees that technology plays a pivotal role in developing high-tech roads.


Mike’s Profile


As the head cheerleader of CTRMA, Mike Heiligenstein combines a unique talent and qualification for the position. He has been serving as the official for 23 years and has contributed to the growth of the communities around Williamson County.


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Brad Reifler: The Business Genius Using His Expertise to Help Others

Brad Reifler is the founder and CEO of Forefront Advisory LLC and Forefront Capital Management. In this company, they offer guidance from experts concerning the Forex and commodities’ market investing. He also worked and found other companies before Forefront. His previous work experience includes the following:

Pali Catipal Inc.- was the senior managing director

  • Reifler Trading Corporation- he found in 1982.
  • Reifler Capital Management- he found in 1992.
  • Refco Inc.- managed from 1995 to 2000 in the institutional sales desk department.
  • Wins Finance Holdings Inc.- served from October 26, 2015 to March 20, 2016 as director

Brad Reifler also serves the following boards: Symmetry Property Development, LLC as director, ITG Investment Research Inc’s director, ROOT Exchange’s director, the Millbrook School’s trustee, Millbrook School finance committee’s chairman, Sino Mercury Acquisition Corp’s independent director, and board member of Genesis Securities, Foresight Research Solutions, and European American Investment Bank. As far as his educational pursuits, Brad Reifler earned an bachelors degree from Bowdoin College in political science and economics.

With 30+ years under his belt in his field, Brad Reifler continues to work hard for his and other organizations. He also uses his expertise and voice for the ordinary person who is interested in investing, so that the person will be able to obtain a better financial status for him/her and his/her family.

Learn more about Brad Reifler: http://www.marketwired.com/press-release/brad-reifler-and-forefront-capital-introduce-forefront-income-trust-1975993.htm

Jeremy Goldstein continuing to aid those in need of legal service

Legal assistance has become a need for many people across the country, no matter the issue, whether it be a criminal matter, child custody issue, write your will, help with a landlord-tenant problem or other legal issue. However, if you live in New York, there is a new fast and easy way of finding legal help within your own backyard, and are prepared to handle their case.


The New York State Bar Association’s Lawyer Referral and Information Service recently launched this online portal for New Yorkers who are in need of a lawyer. The New York State Bar offers this new service 24 hours a day and is totally confidentially. However, the LRIS phone service is still available for those who prefer that method.


The New York State Bar Association confirms that they have vetted and approved these lawyers and they are in good legal standing. This service from Lawyer Referral and Information Service is easing the stress of getting legal assistance. The New York State Bar Association launched this with help from Legal.io, who is a national provider of referral technology for those in the legal field.


Lawyers are now able to serve more people at a lower cost. The Lawyer Referral and Information Service has helped grow legal offices across the state. The New York State Bar Association is the largest in the country with 72,000 members.


Jeremy Goldstein is one of the lawyers who may help you, when New Yorkers use this service. He is currently partner at Jeremy L. Goldstein and Associates. He has advised corporations and executives on issues involving corporate governance and executive compensation.


Jeremy Goldstein received his bachelor’s degree from Cornell University and his J.D. from New York University Law School. He has been a key player in more than a dozen of the largest corporate transactions of the last 10 years.


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Lime Crime CEO Doe Deere Says Starting Day Right Is Essential


Lime Crime creator Doe Deere has her morning routine down to a fine art. If you ask her how she starts her morning routine, she will eagerly tell you. The personable businesswoman swears by her rise and shine music. Doe says she has to have her 9 hours of sleep — while everyone is different, that’s her optimal number. She doesn’t use an alarm, so her internal clock wakes her up each morning at 8:30 a.m.


“I am definitely a morning person. I love waking up in my own home and fixing breakfast in my own kitchen.” She says that most of the time, she just gazes out the window while taking in breakfast and contemplates the day.


Doe lives in Los Angeles, where the air is very dry. “I have to stay hydrated. It’s the best thing for keeping the skin fully hydrated.” Doe says she drinks one full glass of water in the morning before she does her stretching routine. Although she admits to not being the most athletic person, she does some light stretching and exercises to stay loose. Next comes breakfast. Doe says she loves grits and fruit. The oranges she has comes from her own tree.


Since she lives her life by her cell phone calendar, it’s the first thing she checks in the morning when she wakes up. “I have to stay abreast of all the goings on before I go to the office,” says Doe. Listening to music while putting on her makeup is a must. Her favorite album: The Beatles Abbey Road. “It has always been one of my favorite albums, and I grew up listening to it.”


Doe says makeup time is her favorite time of the day because she can be free. Her favorite moisturizer is Murad’s Hydrodynamic Quenching Essence. She also loves Loreal True Match Foundation. And speaking of foundations, Doe says it’s something she’s working on and hopes to bring to her line in a couple of years.


Doe says she feels great when she arrives in the office at about noon. She eats, socializes with her team, and all is right with the world. “I have so much energy, I can work until midnight, if I have to.”


Read more at https://www.savoirflair.com/beauty/288147/doe-deere-morning-routine.


Securus Technologies is a Form of Communications That’s Truly Breaking Many Barriers in The Communications Industry

If you’re someone who enjoys keeping in touch with your close friends, then perhaps Securus Technologies is a program that may be of a benefit to you. You may find that it’s a program that’s going to allow you to benefit in more ways than one. It may enable you to finally communicate with an inmate who has been confined in a correctional facility and you’ve been unable to visit them due to scheduling conflicts with the time(s)/date(s) that were provided to you by the representative of the correctional facility‘s communications department.


Securus Technologies is a website that is providing several benefits to its immediate users and those who are in neighboring communities of the correctional facilities. This is because it is a program that’s giving officers of law enforcement agencies permission to monitor the conversations that occur between the two parties engaged in the conversations. If you’re not sure whether Securus Technologies is a good program for you to potentially give a try, please don’t hesitate to reach out to a help desk representative, as they’re always willing to assist anyone with any issues that they may have pertaining to the communicative platform. Securus Technologies has been given a lot of credit as being a system of communications that is truly benefiting everyone, as opposed to just one single party. Why not give the program a try for yourself to see whether it is something that you can see yourself utilizing in the long run? If an inmate is in confinement for a long period of time, then you may certainly consider installing it onto a device that is compatible. All you may need to do is visit the communicative program’s website so that you can download the program and begin chatting with an inmate who may be needing someone to chat with.


Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey Say Sonora-Arizona Concert Solidified Brotherhood

The Frontera Fund reported that for the fourth time, the bi-national concert called Without Borders, on the line of Agua Prieta, Arizona took place. According to Frontera Fund benefactors, Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin, culture and artistic talent transcend any wall or border. The Sonoran Institute of Culture reported that rhythm and melodies of the musicians, from both neighboring sides shined at the concert.

Lacey and Larkin explained that the dividing line between the two border towns of northeastern Sonora and Arizona set the stage for the event. The free concert and cultural event was for all ages, and musical notes of artists on both sides of the border simultaneously join in an effort to develop together the Sonoran Institute of Culture, and officials of both municipalities.

The border fence was the meeting point for the population of both cities. Musicians from the University of Sonora, an assembly of the Philharmonic Orchestra of the State of Sonora, the Binational Choir, and string players of Cochise College in Arizona all convened. Also participating were saxophonists Francisco Barrios, and guitarists Dieter Hennings, and José Jesús Rodríguez; Dan Simonis and The New Mexicans, and Mariachi Folklorico 18th Cochise College Guitar Workshop.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin say these musicians serve to symbolize the unity and diversity of both nations. Despite the anti-immigrant policies of the administration of Donald Trump in the United States, the offices of culture in the governments of Claudia Pavlovich Arellano and President Doug Ducey, were instrumental in organizing this artistic event as part of the tourism boost to the “Mega-Region” economic Sonora-Arizona. Lacey and Larkin said these activities are very important for tourism, economy and progress in border cities, and they also generate a close coexistence among the many families that are divided by the international border.

Larkin and Lacey say the border wall does not separate how united we are in the fight and this is an example of what the Frontera Fund stands for. The organization brings everyone together to demand compliance, and campaign against unfair guidelines that keep families apart. The Frontera Fund was founded four years ago by media executives, Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin.

According to their own account, both men were wrongly arrested, and held illegally by controversial Arizona sheriff, Joe Arpaio. After winning a $3.7 million dollar lawsuit, both men established the Frontera Fund. A grassroots organization to benefit the Hispanic community in Arizona. Today, the Frontera Fund benefits national organizations to raise awareness of civil rights, human rights, and migrant abuse.

Learn more about Michael Lacey: http://www.phoenixnewtimes.com/blogs/az-aclu-honors-new-times-founders-jim-larkin-and-mike-lacey-as-civil-libertarians-of-the-year-6500737

Honey Birdette Continues Its Incredible Rise

The Honey Birdette lingerie brand may only have its roots in 2006 when the brand was formed as an idea by founder and creative director Eloise Monaghan, but the rise of the lingerie and adult products store has been breathtaking since it was first launched in Australia. Honey Birdette is now one of the leading lingerie retailers in the U.K., where a move to develop its number of stores from three to over 40 has been announced and will be completed by 2018.

The rise of the luxury lingerie brand has not been limited to Australia and the U.K., but has also seen a major series of developments in the U.S. where the focus has shifted away from brick and mortar stores to a dedicated move towards Online retailing. A 374 percent rise in Online sales on the Honey Birdette site in the U.S. has prompted a greater level of customer support to be considered by the company, which will result in a Website being developed specifically for U.S. customers to use with easier purchasing and return options for all consumers.

Honey Birdette takes a unique approach to the retail industry in the way ot turns a simple shopping experience into an event that will live long in the memory of all those who are involved in any visit that takes them through the black doors of a Honey Birdette store. As champagne flows for customers the store assistants, known as “Honey’s” turn retail decisions into a serious form of art with their knowledge and playful attitude.

One of the main reasons for the ongoing success of the Honey Birdette brand has been the ongoing commitment to the project of founder Eloise Monaghan, who has remained committed to maintaining the high standards of luxury she started the business with.

For more Honey Birdette on YouTube.

Agencies Advocating for Civil Human and Migrant Rights

There are many agencies that help protect the rights of citizens, the vulnerable and immigrants. They advocate for the fair treatment of the people who are not mighty in the society and are a voice of these people in trying times. Migrants are very vulnerable in their countries of residence. There is an organization that combines the agencies and partners with them so that they extensively work together.

NNIRR partners and work alongside the partners and hold them together to protect the migrant rights in the country of migration. The migrants are helped in negotiating labor costs and increase the labor movements around the world. Migrant voices are heard, and human rights networks are enhanced in all endeavors over the world and achieve a lot for the human race. Read more: About Lacey and Larkin- Frontera Fund  and Jim Larkin | Huffington Post

The people affected by their services will be able to have a voice and continue fighting against things like migrant abuse, injustice and enhance labor protection for migrant workers. Employers will be brought into recognizing migrants and paying them well based on their efforts and will not take advantage of them. Learn more about Jim Larkin: http://www.linkedin.com/in/jim-larkin-8a2a4213a

Another agency helping spread the human right flag is the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund. Owned and managed by Phoenix New Times and Village Voice Media, they have dedicated settlement money acquired from a suit they filed against Sheriff Joe Arpaio to fund migrant rights organizations in all of Arizona. The Maricopa County Sheriff Joe arrested journalists at night from their homes and were jailed for unleashing the existence of grand jury proceedings that looked for the reporter’s notes on the work they covered about the Sheriff.

The Jury Subpoenas wanted the identity of the citizens that read the New Times stories on their website. The company had to sue the Sheriff’s department because of these actions. Lacey and Jim Larkin have always been defending their First Amendment rights. They were successful after all the struggles in the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit. Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund supports the groups that help the people in fighting for civil, migrant and human rights. It considers groups that defend the freedom of speech and civic participation in Arizona and the Mexican border.

Meeting between the government and the human right agencies is essential for them to agree on a humane way of treating the vulnerable. The organizations have many participants who meet the staff.

They make efforts to ensure that they take issues of concern and raise them in UN summits like UN Human Rights Council, World Trade Organizations and International Labour Organisation (ILO). Both like involving themselves in other UN and inter-governmental agencies. Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin have been instrumental in fighting for the rights of immigrants through their newsletter.