Vijay Eswaran and the Advent of QI Group of Companies

Vijay Eswaran is the co-founder and the executive chairman of the QI Group of Companies. He is a prominent entrepreneur, an international speaker, and an author. He has written 6 books the last one entitled Two Minutes from the Abyss (2016).

Dr. Eswaran is also the chairman of the University Council of Quest International University Perak (QIUP). It was established in collaboration with the state government of Perak. He has earned many awards and honors for his contribution to various sectors.

Some of the awards are ‘International Leader in Global Business Strategies’ awarded by the “Global Organisation for People of Indian Origin (GOPIO),” Malaysian Business Awards CEO, Lifetime Achievement Award for Global Entrepreneurship (2016) among other awards. Vijay Eswaran is also the founder of Vijayaratnam Foundation and the Rhythm Foundation. He is a firm believer in helping other people who are in need of what he can afford. His foundations are focused on helping the NGO’s and other community development initiatives who are engaged in activities of child empowerment, women empowerment, and special need children’s education. Learn more about Vijay Eswaran: and

Vijay Eswaran says that the basis of QI Group of companies was the QNET and the decision to join network marketing. At first, he was not sure if the idea would work but upon implementation of the idea, it worked like magic. Vijay saw there was a business opportunity that existed in the integration of traditional marketing methods and the new era of e-commerce.

He says that the ideas of starting a business had always been there during his campus days. However, the main reason he started the company was that he was going through some rough time financially.

Vijay Eswaran says that his main source of ideas is through interaction with people. He believes in consultation to ensure that his ideas are mature and can be implemented.

He is excited by disruption trend in business since this is what led to the birth of QI group of companies. They had their business model even before the likes of Alibaba, Amazon, eBay, and others hit the market. He regards his business model as the pioneer of modern day network marketing.

A Chance for Talos Energy in Mexico

For the first time in about eighty years Houston’s Talos Energy LLC along with London-based Premier Oil Plc and Mexico’s Sierra Oil & Gas have sunk the first privately owned offshore oil well. Its Mexico’s drive to bring foreign competitors to its oil market sense its nationalization of its oil industry in nineteen thirty eight. The Zama-1 well off the state of Tabasco holds approximately five hundred million barrels of oil and will take about ninety days to complete the drilling. Bidding after Mexico voted to open its oil industry has lead to this momentous moment, as the state-run monopoly has been held by Petroleos Mexicanos for many years. This well will be keenly watched for future investors in the industry.

Tim Duncan and his partners had to be cautious after the financial crisis of two thousand and eight. After being forced to send money to the banks they could only afford to go after the most profitable spots. Soon after by twenty eleven the team at Phoenix Exploration had doubled the company’s size and started Talos Energy with $600 million in equity. WorkplaceDynamics named Talos the best workplace among small businesses, but this wasn’t through sheer carefree attitude. It takes hard work to be successful at anything. Duncan has place equity with his employees rewarding talent. Only we decide how much we are worth, Duncan has said in an interview.

Talos is ready to hire and grow more with over five hundred million dollars in projected revenue this year. Talos Energey has an entrepreneurial drive that is a make it or break it attitude. Duncan is the kind of guy that is like bring me your biggest baddest best ideas even if its ten o’clock at night. He wants his employees and investors to know he is out there trying to make them money. Emulating his managers of the past while he worked at Gryphon Exploration has been one of his biggest goals as they always listen to there employees. Geoscientist Ben Winkelman was lured back with the openness of company meeting, even if its bad news. With all the benefits of working for Talos Energy, its no surprise at how successful they are.


Julia Jackson Expands The Jackson Family Wines

Julia JacksonJulia Jackson is the most youthful girl of Jess Jackson, the author of Jackson Family Wines. In a meeting, Julia depicts how she picked and arranging grapes at a young age. The family had worked together in the wine business before she was conceived. Notwithstanding, Julia Jackson has redirected from the wine business by joining Cambria Estates as a representative. Cambria Estate Winery is a non-benefit association that tries to engage ladies. On November 2014, the organization vowed $ 100, 000 every year to engage and celebrate outstanding ladies in the general public. The non-benefit association got established by Cambria Proprietors, Katherine, and Julia Jackson. The seeds of strengthening program look to respect what Julia calls Warrior Women. The program means to give monetary help to associations devoted to the improvement of ladies.Through the organization, Julia Jackson and her collaboration locally and globally to distinguish, prepare and enable ladies who are instrumental in changing their groups.Julia Jackson

For more than 30 years, the reserve has devoted itself to reinforcing the part of ladies in the general public through grassroots undertakings. Amid her initial years, Julia made fellowship with a French talking little girl of a winemaker utilized in their firm. Thus, she contemplated French amid summer and on a few events, she enlisted as a French educator amid her chance in school. Julia graduated with a BA from Scripps College and accomplished an endorsement by and large administration from Stanford Graduate School of Business.On sixth October 2015, Jackson Family Wines propelled the organization’s lead Sonoma County wine. As indicated by Julia, Sonoma has a notoriety of adoring the Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. In any case, she trusted the best wine for the place was the Cabernet. Julia likewise brought up that the reason Sonoma County was less celebrated as considered to districts like Napa was because of absence of showcasing assets. In any case, it was the organization goals to guarantee the area got acknowledgment in the wine business. Also, a wine called Acaibo from Trinite Estate Winery is setting root in the region.

USHEALT Advisors Continues to Provide HOPE to the less Privileged

USHEALTH Advisor provides reliable and affordable health coverage to Americans. The health covers are always tailored to fit into every client’s need. Their insurance covers are flexible and secure. USHEALTH Advisor has been on the market for over 50 years.

Their mission is HOPE (Help Other People Every day), and it was brought to life in 2010. The team has ensured that they work guided by this mission every single day. They have always made sure that they make a positive change to people’s lives in America.

USHA is made up of a group of more than 50 experts. The team is responsible for taking an individual through the different insurance covers. They also advise accordingly on a cover that will suit an individual.

The two teams together with their sister company USHEALTH Group has always delivered to their clients on time and with great professionalism. They have helped people who went through major calamities.

People who lost their loved ones have also found refuge in this company. The company partnered with Phoenix New Times to build homes for individuals who had been affected by this incidence after Hurricane Katrine. They even constructed safe houses for the victims in New Orleans.

BBB reports are usually made available to clients to assist them in making judgments. USHA has always ensured that they provide reliable information on BBB business profiles. The information may not be as accurate as you may want them to be but be sure that you can rely on them.

The information on these profiles can change at any time. Therefore, clients are always advised to notify the profile owner whenever they do business with them.

USHA’s Satisfactory Services to Small Business Owners

At USHA employees and clients have a guarantee of professional growth and satisfaction. The employees get to interact with small business owners and self-employed individuals across America.

One can provide growing people with reliable advice that will help their businesses to grow through this experience. The business owners are furnished with innovative and affordable ideas for their business growth. USHA continues to pay people for their efforts.

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CEO Glen Wakeman – Matching Ideas to Money

Mr. Glen Wakeman is the co-founder and chief executive officer of the SAAS company of LaunchPad Holdings, LLC which was started up in 2015. Mr. Glen Wakeman is known for his leadership skills and mentoring, as well as for his entrepreneurial spirit and spirit.


Mr. Glen Wakeman has had a prosperous career which includes developing M&As as well as providing valuable guidance for start-up companies and other businesses. Mr. Glen Wakeman is also an expert at creating performance methodologies. Speaking of, Mr. Glen Wakeman is prominent for his 5 step performance methodology. It is a proven one that has been adopted by many. It focuses on crucial aspects such as human capital, risk management, leadership power as well as execution in business.


In terms of higher education, Mr. Glen Wakeman received a bachelor’s degree in Economics, and then he went on to pursue an M. B. A. in Finance as well. Mr. Glen Wakeman embarked on his career right after graduation. He started working at a GE Capital and Doral Finance Corporation. Mr. Glen Wakeman also created a business which is called Nova Four. Over the course of his prosperous career, Mr. Glen Wakeman has been a mentor to a vast number of companies as well as executives.

For Mr. Glen Wakeman matching ideas to money is a passion. He has become proficient at it, and he has helped many business owners to do that as well. Mr. Glen Wakeman has mentored companies from the likes of Dreamfunded and Sitter Bees. Mr. Glen Wakeman provides his knowledge in written form as well. He frequently publishes content to his blog where he provides commentary on a number of fiscal matters, and he also offers his personal insight and experience on the topics as well.


For Mr. Glen Wakeman productivity and successes come from having a clear view on your goals as well as dividing duties accordingly in the working environment (Report Expert). As Glen Wakeman works with numbers most of the time, he also keeps a close eye on the change of figures. The key to being able to do all of that is trust, according to Mr. Glen Wakeman.

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About Michael Lacey

Michael T. Lacey was born on September twenty sixth, nineteen fifty-nine. Michael T. Lacey is an American mathematician. In the year nineteen eighty-seven, Lacey received his Doctor of Philosophy from the prestigious University of Illinois that is found at Urbana-Champaign. Lacey had an interest in the area of probability in Banach spaces.

He solved a problem that related to the law of the iterated logarithm for characteristic empirical functions. During the past years, he has worked in areas such as probability, harmonic analysis and last but not least, ergodic theory.

Work background of Michael Lacey

Michael held his first postdoctoral positions at Louisiana State University at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Walter Phillip and Michael gave proof about the not so sure central limit theorem while at UNC. Lacey held a position at the well-known University of Indiana from the year nineteen eighty-nine to nineteen ninety-six.

He was awarded the Fellowship of National Science Foundation Postdoctoral while at Indiana University. Michael started a study of the bilinear Hilbert transform during his tenure at the university. The study was at the time that the subject of a conjecture by Alberto Calderon. Lacey and Christoph Thiele were awarded the Salem Prize in the year nineteen ninety-six.

Michael Thoreau Lacey has been a Professor of Mathematics at the Georgia Institute of Technology since nineteen ninety-six. Lacey and Xiaochun worked jointly, and they received a Guggenheim Fellowship in two thousand and four. In the year twenty twelve, Lacey became a member of the American Mathematical Society.
Mike Lacey hold a record for having a large number of employees that he had employed. During the mid-2000’s, Mike was close to publishing a newspaper.This is a chain of newspapers that are produced weekly that also included the New York paper and much more. Lacey was a demanding employee since he had a volatile temper.

Mike made enemies who did not want him to progress, and he was also loyal to the people he liked and admired. Lacey and Larkin had a legend of printing memorable stories with characters that no one could ever imagine. His stories were life transforming, revolutionized cities and occasionally burst off the newspaper page.

In two thousand and twelve, Michael Lacey resigned from his role in the newspaper business, but he still involved himself in one of those stories as he is its main character.


Kate Hudson’s Fabletics Setting Stage to Catch Amazon

When Amazon hears that another competitor is going to wrestle them away from the top spot, they usually don’t worry because of their complete dominance in the fashion e-commerce market. Looking at the sales alone, they rake in around 20 percent of all the sales in this space despite having to fight thousands of other clothing retailers who all want that same customer. One company is not going to simply sit back and let Amazon have their was, as Kate Hudson’s Fabletics makes the climb towards the top in this industry. In only three years, Amazon has sold nearly $250 million of their workout apparel for women, setting the stage to perhaps catch Amazon.


Many people have tried to copy the success of this athleisure brand, but are still struggling to get out of the starting blocks. When you ask Hudson to give her analysis as to why her company has seen this success, she will credit her membership program and reverse showrooming as the catalysts for the explosive growth. In order to see these two in action, we need to go to the Fabletics stores at the local malls first. Here you will find women in the store buying things off the rack, taking the lifestyle quiz, window-shopping for all the latest active-wear, and trying on all the workout apparel that they can without pressure from sales associates.


What Kate Hudson’s Fabletics is doing in this fashion e-commerce market that differs from the rest, it all comes together at the online store. When these members try on the clothing at the mall store, it gets instantly uploaded to their online account, allowing them to continue their shopping when it is more convenient for them. This takes away that part of the buying process where you are waiting to see if the apparel fits before you buy more. Since you already know how it looks on your body, you go impulse shopping, and Kate Hudson’s Fabletics sees sales numbers explode.


Membership at Kate Hudson’s Fabletics unlocks other things too, like free shipping, discounted clothing prices, and your own personal shopper. Your shopper looks over your lifestyle quiz answers and picks a piece of active-wear at the top of the month for you to consider. This unique shopping experience is beginning to separate Kate Hudson’s Fabletics from the pack and bring them that much closer to catching the top seeded Amazon.

Andre Rocklage Finds His Dream with Sky Zone Trampoline Park

Andrew Rocklage is the owner and operator at the SkyZone Trampoline Park in Boston, Massachusetts. In the past Rocklage has worked as a lawyer and law clerk in many different positions including in pharmaceuticals before finally establishing his dream of owning his own business, which he now successfully operates. Even while Rocklage was practicing as a lawyer in pharmaceuticals he was never a typical attorney. Rocklage was always being innovative and trying to learn more about businesses and how they worked.

After much time focusing on his lawyering career Andrew Rocklage decided that that was no longer for him, and he turned his attention to focusing on the business of his dreams in Sky Zone Trampoline Park which has been dubbed “one of the most innovative” chains of indoor trampoline parks across the US. Rocklage has learned a lot about business by operating his park and has also learned how to treat customers right and interact with employees at his location to understand how getting everyone to work together is vital to helping the business run the best it possibly can.

Andrew Rocklage is poised to carry his wave of success with the Sky Zone location he owns well into the future. Despite that success, there is no telling where the next thing Rocklage pursues will come from and how that will play into what Rocklage has done so far.

What is certain though is that he will continue to grow and learn in the world of business, and whatever he does next in life he is bound to be successful with his constant search for knowledge and unquenchable thirst of finding that adventure. There is no telling what exactly that adventure will be but Rocklage will find a way to make it work no matter what adventure he chooses to take on next. The sky is literally the limit on which way Rocklage can or will take the business next.

Andrew Rocklage is a graduate of the University of Massachusetts (Amherst)’s Isenberg School of Management where he got a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics in 2009. Then he moved on to the Suffolk University Law School where he became a Juris Doctor in 2013.

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How Whitney Wolfe Is Helping Austin, Texas Become The Silicone Hills Tech Center

Who Is Whitney Wolfe And What Is Bumble?

Whitney Wolfe is a young female entrepreneur who launched Bumble a few years ago. This is a feminist, female centered dating application that puts women in control of the online dating scene. Bumble only allows women to start the first conversation, thereby eliminating a lot of the solicitations and spam that women receive on the web.

For a woman to start a conversation at Bumble, she must show interest in him and he must show interest back. Interest must be shown by both parties in one another for a conversation to take place. This is similar to Tinder, where Whitney Wolfe actually worked at previously. In fact, Ms. Wolfe was one of the co-founders of Tinder as well, before she left to start her own feminist dating application.

The Success Of Bumble

Bumble has been a huge success since it was launched by Whitney Wolfe. The app is now one of the top five dating applications in the world. Sexual harassment and abuse for women on the app is one of the lowest when compared to other dating apps that women use. Complaints from users is also less than 1%, which is also among the lowest for dating apps online.

Whitney Wolfe’s Bumble dating app also has an almost even proportion of men and women on the dating app. It is about 50% men and 50% women to put it roughly. This is in contrast to dating apps that tend to have 60% women or 70% men, which make it difficult or impossible to find a partner.

Bumble’s New Best Friend Forever App And Bumble Biz

Whitney Wolfe is constantly looking to make Bumble more innovative and better. This is why she has revealed she is launching a Bumble BFF or best friend forever version of Bumble. This version of her dating app is all about finding friends, whether they are old ones from school, a hometown, college or new ones on the web. A professional networking version of Bumble is also set to be released. It will be called Bumble Bizz and it looks like it will be similar to LinkedIn, except with a Bumble honeybee twist of course.

Dr Richard Shinto is InnovaCare’s Force of Change

InnovaCare Health is a healthcare company that is changing the lives of people in the United States. The institution provides managed healthcare services to clients in all the American states. InnovaCare Health is based in Fort Lee, and it has been instrumental in bringing positive changes in the nation’s medical system. Unlike most of the healthcare companies, InnovaCare Health has invested heavily in its leadership. The institution also employs experienced and qualified professionals in all its positions to make sure that everything runs smoothly.The leadership of the company has played a leading role in the success of the health facility.

At the moment, Richard Shinto popularly referred to as Rick is the chief executive director of the organization. Shinto is famed for his many years in the clinical field. The businessman has been in operational healthcare for more than two decades, and he is believed to be the force behind numerous changes in the company.Being a leader in a healthcare institution is not a walk in the park. For individuals to access this prestigious position, they must have worked hard to gain the trust of the board of directors. The candidate for this position must be perfectly qualified too so that they do not make costly mistakes that can impact lives negatively. The leader must be experienced too in similar situations so that they can understand how to tackle challenges that arise when they are leaders.

Before getting the position of president at InnovaCare Health, Rick Shinto had worked in several organizations. The businessman had served as the chief executive director and president of a company known as Aveta Inc until it was sold in the year 2012. Rick was part of the management team in the health care company, and he brought very many changes. Before joining Aveta Inc, Rick was serving at NAMM California as the chief medical officer. These positions helped him significantly in his career. About Penelope Kokkinide he is among the individuals taking InnovaCare Health to a higher level. At the moment, Kokkinides serves as the company’s chief administrative officer. At this position, Penelope has been instrumental in the company success. Before acquiring this role, Kokkinides had served in several organizations and she had acquired a lot of knowledge in the industry. Kokkinides has also served in government approved programs, and she has all the basics needed. Before this role, Penelope was serving at Aveta Inc.