Agencies Advocating for Civil Human and Migrant Rights

There are many agencies that help protect the rights of citizens, the vulnerable and immigrants. They advocate for the fair treatment of the people who are not mighty in the society and are a voice of these people in trying times. Migrants are very vulnerable in their countries of residence. There is an organization that combines the agencies and partners with them so that they extensively work together.

NNIRR partners and work alongside the partners and hold them together to protect the migrant rights in the country of migration. The migrants are helped in negotiating labor costs and increase the labor movements around the world. Migrant voices are heard, and human rights networks are enhanced in all endeavors over the world and achieve a lot for the human race. Read more: About Lacey and Larkin- Frontera Fund  and Jim Larkin | Huffington Post

The people affected by their services will be able to have a voice and continue fighting against things like migrant abuse, injustice and enhance labor protection for migrant workers. Employers will be brought into recognizing migrants and paying them well based on their efforts and will not take advantage of them. Learn more about Jim Larkin:

Another agency helping spread the human right flag is the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund. Owned and managed by Phoenix New Times and Village Voice Media, they have dedicated settlement money acquired from a suit they filed against Sheriff Joe Arpaio to fund migrant rights organizations in all of Arizona. The Maricopa County Sheriff Joe arrested journalists at night from their homes and were jailed for unleashing the existence of grand jury proceedings that looked for the reporter’s notes on the work they covered about the Sheriff.

The Jury Subpoenas wanted the identity of the citizens that read the New Times stories on their website. The company had to sue the Sheriff’s department because of these actions. Lacey and Jim Larkin have always been defending their First Amendment rights. They were successful after all the struggles in the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit. Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund supports the groups that help the people in fighting for civil, migrant and human rights. It considers groups that defend the freedom of speech and civic participation in Arizona and the Mexican border.

Meeting between the government and the human right agencies is essential for them to agree on a humane way of treating the vulnerable. The organizations have many participants who meet the staff.

They make efforts to ensure that they take issues of concern and raise them in UN summits like UN Human Rights Council, World Trade Organizations and International Labour Organisation (ILO). Both like involving themselves in other UN and inter-governmental agencies. Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin have been instrumental in fighting for the rights of immigrants through their newsletter.

Wild Ark’s Vision and Eco-Friendly Travel Destinations


Currently, Eco-Friendliness of is an important aspect to global travelers when choosing destinations. Here are two examples of great conservation and eco-conscious travel destinations to consider for your vacation:


  1. Kenya


Kenya has a large number of wild animals with over fifty national preserves and parks.Kenya has also breathtaking savannahs that attracts tourists for safari encounters. The government in Kenya has a body known as Ecotourism Kenya that is responsible for monitoring the national resources in the country. This organization uses outreach programs to educate people on the need to safeguard the native fauna and flora. Kenya lodges are rated based on environmental policies so that people can comprehend how their vacation can affect the local community and environment. It is advisable to visit Kenya between October and last week of June to be able to see a majority of the wildlife.


2.The Republic of Palau


Palau is a country that’s located in the Pacific Ocean between Guam and Philippines with of over 500 Islands. Palau is a well-known diving destination worldwide and the government is very proactive in ensuring that the natural environment is protected. Also, there are reefs of almost 500miles that are no-fishing areas and as a result a number of fish species that endangered have repopulated in those areas. Visit Palau in March and December when the water is calm and warm and the rainy season is over


About Wild Ark


Sophie and Mark Hutchinson are a couple who are passionate conservationists who founded Wild Ark. Together with their team, the Hutchinsons aim at educating travelers about the wilderness and ensuring that Earth is protected for generations to come. Wild Ark’s main concern is on the perils that face the wild places of the world and coming up with ways of making a difference.


Wild Ark’s Vision and Mission


The company’s vision is to protect the wild places of the world. The mission of Wild Ark is to secure identified parts of the green belts worldwide in order to conserve wildlife as well as create opportunities for experience and research. As a result, travelers will be able to gain inspiration to protect nature.


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George Soros Looks For New Ways Of Fighting Social Injustice

Social justice has always been high on the list of items George Soros has been looking to fight for in terms of the people of the U.S. and those he assists around the world through the Open Society Foundations network of charitable groups. Discover the Networks explains George Soros is always willing to fight for the right of refugees and minority groups he feels are underrepresented in the U.S. social and criminal justice sectors. Throughout the 21st century the political giving of George Soros has been limited by his refusal to fund the campaigns of candidates and groups he does not see as providing the political policies to back his own views; however, Soros has been a major financial backer of smaller political campaigns that have attempted to install members of minority groups in criminal justice positions at local and state levels. George Soros believes the U.S. criminal justice system is weighted unfairly against minority groups he believes are often given stronger sentences when compared to their white male peers.

In terms of the U.S. as a whole the work of George Soros often reflects the theories of his philosophy mentor Karl Popper who believed the U.S. was an excellent political idea, but the Constitution many see as a God given right of all citizens is often required to be fought for in respect to the civil rights of individuals. Immigration reform is one of the other main areas George Soros believes the U.S. should be seeking to work more closely with minority groups and individuals fighting for the rights of others. As a philanthropist, George Soros has been working with many groups fighting for the rights of “dreamers” and illegal immigrants many feel should be given the chance to achieve legal status in terms of U.S. immigration authorities. A good example of the work completed by George Soros and his Open Society Foundations is the funding he has provided for the Casa de Maryland group that works to aid illegal immigrants in knowing their rights in a bid to stop them is being prosecuted under restrictive U.S. rules. Learn more on about George Soros.

The work of George Soros has also included his belief that all refugees should be given their right to move without issue to different areas of the world when they are escaping from restrictive regimes. The Syrian refugee crisis has been shown by George Soros to be a prime example of his belief that new rules are needed across the world to allow refugees to move between different nations without fear of reprisals in countries they pass through, according to Politico. Providing justice for all has become an integral part of the philanthropic work of George Soros as he seeks a fairer system for all to enjoy in the future. George Soros established the Open Society Foundations.


Career and Life Accomplishments of Sam Tabar

Sam Tabar is a man who has been on the rise since he finished college. In his latest endeavors, he was appointed as the chief operating officer of a venture called FullCycle Energy Fund, and he will focus on the fund management strategy of this company. When accepting this appointment, Sam Tabar said that he was honored and privileged to be considered for the position.

He also said that it was his dream to hold such a position and he will join hands with other people within the company to ensure that the company achieves its success and long-term objectives. He said that he would work hard to ensure the company develops environmentally friendly fuels that will not hurt the environment through pollution.

According to Bloomberg, Sam Tabar has a proven success record when it comes to managing financial institutions and particularly their budgets. He has been involved with other companies in the past prior to this appointment such as Capital Strategy as well as Merrill Lynch commonly referred to as Bank of America where he used to function as the head of capital strategy.

His main responsibilities were dealing fund managers on issues related to institutional investors. The issues that he mainly dealt with under this category include funds of funds, foundations, endowments as well as pensions. While he may not have achieved all objectives set for him, he recorded significant progress with these two companies.

Before roles with these two companies, this financial expert used to work with another company called Sparx Group where he held the position of head of marketing in conjunction with other leaders. He was responsible for the global expansion of these company, and he also recorded significant success.

Tabar may perhaps have been shaped by his education background. For his undergraduate studies, Tabar attended Oxford University where he graduated with a degree in arts. For his master’s program, Tabar holds a master’s from Columbia Law School where he used to work as an editor for the university’s journal called Columbia Business Law Journal. Soon after finishing college, he started working with Skadden as an attorney and Meagher in the same position. During his inexperienced years, he also worked with Roth & Zabel.

Corporate’s Legal Shadow since 2000, Jeremy L. Goldstein

The Lawyer Referral and Information Service (LRIS) along with have launched a new website to help people find legal representation with out the intimidating hassle of actually going into a lawyers office not knowing if they will be able to fit your legal needs. This new site is available 24-hours a day under full confidentiality. Using this site allows for a low hassle way to find quality legal help that has been verified by the New York State Bar Association. The new site is,

To find legal help through this method is quite simple three or four step process, depending if they live around another Bar Association. After entering the site they will need to fill in detailed information about your current address and legal issues. Once your personal information is submitted the New York State Bar Association will match them with the best fit lawyers in their area. The actual process of being matched with a lawyer is free, the only fees are a 35-dollar fee for the first meeting with the lawyer, and any fees that the lawyer and them agree upon for the actual legal services. If proffered, the L.R.I.S. phone service is still available.

Jeremy L. Goldstein, a partner of Jeremy L. Goldstein and associates LLC., started his education at the Pingry School of New Jersey. Upon finishing his elementary studies he moved on too obtain a Bachelor of Arts in art history, from Cornell University. Jeremy Goldstein about a year later got his Masters of arts in arts history, at the University of Chicago. Finally in 1999 from the New York University of Law Goldstein received his Juris Doctorate in law.

Jeremy worked with Shearman and Sterling as an associate and as partner with Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen, and Katz until 2014. Now as partner with his current law firm he specializes in corporate law and corporate governance, private equity and employment law.


Check out for more information.

Fabletics; Taking the Fight to Amazon

Enjoying any measure of success while a single company has control of 20% of the fashion eCommerce market is not easy. However, Fabletics is doing just that. In just three years, the company has grown its net worth to $250 million. Fabletics is using a unique subscription strategy to make sales. Their plan is quite simple; they mix convenience with the subscription mechanism, which has proven to be a potent combination.


The Old Ways Do Not Work


Traditionally, companies have relied on brand power to make sales. However, recent shocks in the economy mean that brand power alone is no longer enough. Consumers now want brands that can give them value for money without lowering quality. Besides that, factors such as gamification and exclusivity are becoming quite important in making sales.


Fabletics liken their model to Warby Parker or Apple, which are brands that succeeded by using unconventional tactics. Their strategy thus far seems quite successful. They plan to open more stores in the near future. This will be in addition to those that they already have in places such as Illinois, Florida, Hawaii, and California.


A Few Words for Those at the Helm of Fabletics


According to their General Manager, Fabletics has managed to modernize and reinvent the ‘high-value brand.’ It is something that they set out to do from the day they launched the company. The company offers high-end pieces combined with personalized service at half the price of the competition.


How Fabletics is Doing Things Differently


One of the ways the company is going against the current is by using a concept they have labeled ‘reverse showrooming.’ Through this model, the company is able to avoid the problem where people browse for clothes at a store but make purchases elsewhere. Their strategy entails having a great understanding of the local market. Thus, when a customer steps into the store, about 30-50% of them are already members of Fabletics. Besides that, they ensure that 25% of them become members inside the store. When a customer tries on an item, it is placed in their online cart. For Fabletics, there is no difference between the physical store and the online store.


Another strategy that Fabletics uses to pull ahead of the competition is the use of data. They understand the value of showing the right products to the right customer at the right time. As a result, they rely on a heavy data analysis to stock up each physical store. What is contained in the store is a reflection of the tastes expressed in that locality. Besides that, Fabletics has a creative team that keeps up with global fashion trends. With such a combination, customers are always assured of finding something they will like.


Fabletics can also attribute their success to a great people culture. One reason they have been so successful is that they have an authentic spokesperson. Kate Hudson has been a great representative of the brand. Consequently, people are able to put a face to the brand, which is always great for sales.

Squaw Valley Reassures Visitors About Water Safety

The winter sports haven of Squaw Valley has recently moved to reassure its visitors about the quality of the water in the region after four water wells serving a small portion of the mountain were contaminated during a heavy rain event. Squaw Valley Ski Resort’s Liesl Kenney has been providing updates on the situation and recently explained the problems are being faced and defeated as traces of E.Coli and Coliform are being reduced in the well system; the four wells showing traces of contamination are part of the Upper Mountain groundwater well system that was updated in 2016.


Liesl Kenney reported the problems began with a rain event that brought more water than could reasonably be expected into the well system in a very short space of time, resulting in an inundation of contaminated water that has forced the closure of the water supply to the Upper Mountain region. Despite the problems seen with the water supply being turned off to the region, Squaw Valley believe the fact their own water testing procedures identified the contaminants before any visitor could be offered harmful water is a success they can take heart from.


Squaw Valley Ski Resort also reports no medical conditions or other links have been found that show contaminated water has caused any problem for guests to the mountain; the resort has also explained the contaminated water supply will not be restored to full working order until the all clear is given by local officials from Placer County Environmental Health Department.


As soon as the contamination was identified by officials at Squaw valley the water supply was turned off to the Upper Mountain region and the issue self reported to Placer County Environmental Health Department and Squaw Valley local government officials. Wesley Nicks of Placer County also made a statement reporting the work completed by his own officials and a team of independent water experts employed by Squaw Valley has proven successful with three of four wells already clear of E.Coli contamination and reduced levels of Coliform.

Bob Reina Is The CEO Of The People

It is no secret that Bob Reina is a man of the people. He makes himself open to everyone that seeks his advice and wisdom. He has great stories and great advice, and he is always more than willing to give it out if someone wants it. He is not the type of person that wants all of this to himself. He wants to share it with as many people as possible.

According to Crunchbase, that is why Talk Fusion was started, as he wanted to change lives and make dreams come true, which he has pointed out. His employees and his staff understand that, and they love the chance to work for a company that is truly making a difference.

Not many companies out there can say that they can do that, but Talk Fusion is one of them. With state-of-the-art video newsletters, video emails, video conferences, and video chats, they are giving people the ability to work from home and live their life on their own terms without anyone telling them what to do or how to do it.

They have worked other jobs and probably thought to themselves, “If I ever got the shot, this is how I would treat my employees and run my company.”

Now, they can! With the tools mentioned above, they can reach more people than ever. That is how people get noticed and how people get recognized. They need to be able to be seen and heard. Someone can have the best product in the world, but if no one knows about it and if no one is made aware of it, it is going to have an awfully difficult time getting off the ground in the first place. With a video newsletter for example, they can reach a wide scope of people at once.

Bob Reina has also been a person that truly cherishes the chance to give back to others. He is not the type of person that is looking to get his name in the paper or have people fawn over him or tell him how great he is. He does it because he believes in it.

Swiss Entrepreneur Mike Baur

Mike Baur is a businessperson who has recently started up a company called Swiss Startup Factory. The company has a unique business model in which it provides consulting and financing for a number of businesses that are starting up. With his company, he has been able to help many entrepreneurs get what they need in order to reach their goals. Baur has also spent a number of years investing in startup companies as well. This gave him the experience necessary to become acquainted with new emerging companies. At the very beginning of his career, Mike worked at banking firms assisting entrepreneurs with getting loans to start and expand their companies.


When Mike Baur started his career, he got his first experience working in the banking industry. Baur would often spend his time working with a number of business owners who were looking for financing to expand their businesses. Baur would meet with them and talk about their objectives and the best ways to meet them. Mike would provide them with loans which would allow these business owners to fulfill a number of their current and future objectives. He would also give these entrepreneurs advice on how to best manage their finances such as managing their debt.


After two decades in the banking industry, Mike would move on to invest in startup companies where he would look to earn high returns. This turned out to be a very lucrative activity for Mike as he was able to make a considerable amount of money by putting his own funds into a number of new startups. Along with making high returns on the money he invested, Mike Baur would also gain valuable insight and experience with new companies and their potential for success. It was this experience that also inspired him to start his own company in the near future.


Baur started up Swiss Startup Factory which would specialize in helping startup companies put themselves in position to succeed. With his company, a number of entrepreneurs can get the funding, advice and guidance they need in order to reach a number of their current and long term goals. Swiss Startup Factory helps businesses by first holding an event where they can all present their ideas to Mike and his company. After getting information about each entrepreneur’s business idea, Mike evaluates each one and selects the ones that have the best potential. Then Mike provides these entrepreneurs with the support they need in order to make their businesses thrive.



Sam Tabar’s Wealth of Experience Brought to Awearable Apparel

A prominent attorney and a well known capital strategist, Sam Tabar has been making a name for himself in the professional world for quite some time. A graduate of Oxford University with an MA and BA in law, Tabar has years of experience and built quite a resume throughout his career.

Following his time at Oxford, Tabar went on to Columbia Law School, where he served as Associate Editor of the Columbia Business Law Review. From their he worked with the very prestigious firm Skadden, Arps, Slater, Meagher & Flom LLP. During this time Tabar gained lots of valuable experience with responsibilities like counseling clients on hedge fund formation, investment management agreements, and regulatory and compliance issues. After gaining this valuable experience Tabar would move on to the world of high finance at PMA Investment Advisors.

During his time at PMA Investment Advisors, Sam Tabar would eventually be promoted to eventually promoted to Managing Director & Co-Head of Business Development. He had a major impact on the company, managing a more than 2 billion dollar hedge fund. In addition, he also put together and executed a marketing plan for his firm that was focused on institutional investors, family offices, and wealthy clients across the world. During this experience he collected a large number of potential clients and go to people. At one point he had more than 2000 potential qualified investors in his list of contacts.

Tabar’s resume is long. He also holds experience working with Bank of America Merrill Lynch as Director and Head of Capital Strategy for the Asia-Pacific region. He joined Schulte Roth & Zabel LLP as a Senior Associate catering to hedge funds in 2013. Clearly, Tabar has had a wealth of experiences and leadership positions over the years. With his work ethic, experience and leadership experience, Tabar is sure to continue making an impact for many years to come.