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Sawyer Howitt On Finding The Right Time To Be An Entrepreneur

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Many people are content being an employee, even if it means having to struggle to find work. One thing that the recent economical changes should have taught people is that there is nothing that is secure. Some people for many different reasons have decided that their best bet is to start working for themselves as entrepreneurs. However, being an entrepreneur is filled with its own challenges. One challenge that aspiring entrepreneurs have to overcome is finding the right time. While the ideal time and circumstance to be an entrepreneur is when everything is set up for people to not have to worry about self support for a while, it rarely works out that way.

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One of the best things to do for being an entrepreneur is to seek out advice from other entrepreneurs. Among the entrepreneurs that others can get wisdom from is Sawyer Howitt. He would say that there is no right time. In other words, the only time to start being an entrepreneur is immediately. There are plenty of opportunities that people can take advantage of in order to make the needed profits for their company. Sawyer Howitt encourages people to take the earliest opportunity that is best suited to them.

Instead of finding the right time to be an entrepreneur, Sawyer Howitt has created the right circumstances. As a project manager, he has learned everything that he has needed to learn about the markets that he is trying to get into so that he can not only profit for himself, but also have some insights to share with others. One thing he has learned is that at some point, waiting is going to do more harm than good. As an aspiring entrepreneur, the best thing to do is to learn all there is to know about the business environment through many different methods of learning and then take action according to

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The Achievements of James Larkin in Improving Working Conditions in Ireland

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James Larkin, as famously known for his quote “A fair day’s work for an honest day’s pay” was an Irish trade unionist as well as an activist. He was born to Irish parents on the 21st of January 1876 in Liverpool; England.

James Larkin did manual work and became a foreman at the Liverpool docks. He later became a socialist who fought for workers to get favorable working conditions and got involved with the National Union of Dock Labourers (NUDL) where he became a full-time trade union organizer in 1905.

Larkin ended up using militant strike methods which differed from the organization’s previous methods of striking. In 1907, NUDL sought to move James to Dublin where later he was able to find the Irish Transport and General Workers’ Union. Larkin’s main aim was for the skilled and unskilled Irish laborers to join one union which would make sure that their welfare would be looked after.

In 1908, James outlined the political programme that the organization would use. It stated that there would be the provision of work for the unemployed, pensions for workers at age 60 and a prescribed working period of eight hours a day.


Larkin teamed up with James Connolly in 1912 to form the Irish Labor Party and encouraged Irish workers to go on strike where he led. In 1913, the Dublin Lockout strike proved to be most notable when over 100,000 workers went on strike for more than seven months and as a result winning the right to fair employment.
James Larkin did not use violence in strikes since he knew that he could never gather up enough laborers to strike if he destroyed their workplace. Although the Irish press was against Larkin, he still had numerous supporters and also the support of great people such as Constance Markievicz and Patrick Pearse.


In 1914, Larkin went to U.S to raise funds to fight Britain and joined the Socialist Party of America. After James Connolly’s death, Larkin founded the James Connolly Socialist Club in 1918 in New York.

He was convicted in 1920 after allegations of communism and criminal anarchy and deported to Ireland where he continued with his work until his death in 1947.
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Bridget Scarr

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Bridget Scarr is a producer and a writer with a love of developing content that extends across platforms. Her creations connect with audiences emotionally and intellectually. For over fifteen years Bridget was a seasonal executive producer for television, advertisements, and animation. She currently works at Colibri Studios. She heads up the strategy, partnerships and content development there. Daily she works on daily development and collaborates with international broadcasters, project partners, and talent that brings projects to reality. She created Colibri because she sought out a home for her creative ideas. In her previous career she was a TV producer and her goal was to bring everyone’s ideas to life. Colibri is the place where she bring all of her ideas to life. In bringing ideas to life, Bridget states that it is according to the project and it’s inspiration. Bridget studies her work and really does what she can to get inspiration and to make these ideas become real. Her advice to her younger self was to get rid of any fear, trust the journey, and to believe in your God-given gifts. She also believes you should be grateful for who and what you have and appreciate the ones you love.


Bridget is a typical person who starts her day out by meditating. She then gets a bite to eat with her family and occasionally visits her office. She never uses her phone during this time, she uses the time to focus on the day and the projects she has lined up. She works in her office from about 9 to 12 which is the timing in which she does most of her thinking and writing. She and her family have a daily lunch where they spend their family time together. After 2 p.m. her work schedule is very flexible. During this time she reads books, follows up on emails, watched TV episodes, and searches around for project information. During the evening they take their son on a stroll and plays at the park before having dinner. After her son is asleep she either does more work, or watches television, takes a bath, and finally gets some rest.


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Securus Technologies Maintains Excellent Background Credibility

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Richard A. Smith, CEO, and president of Securus Technologies, has watched his inmate calling network grow to over 246,000+ customers nationwide. For over 25 years, they have responsible for processing millions of inmate calls. Inmates have been disconnected with their love ones in a correctional institute because of the rising cost of inmate calls. Today, Securus is one of the largest growing network providers with affordable products, services, and features. New customers are invited to register for an account securely on the exclusive Securus Technologies exclusive website. Their is one of 16,000 friendly IT professionals available to assist you with your new, or existing account.


They have become a premiere inmate provider by listening to what their customers have to say with a superior feedback features available on their website. Learn what others have to say about Securus Technologies. They began as a government mandated inmate regulation calling provider, responsible for surveillance, and monitoring to protect the general public. Securus makes sure other providers like Global Tel-Link are in compliance with government state, and federal standards. There were very few discrepancies with Securus Technologies ensuring their customers are receiving every minute guaranteed under their service agreement.


Securus Technologies Features


Advanced Pay Options


If you’re eighteen years of age, or older, and have a valid payment method; enjoy advanced pay options from Securus. Have the minutes available when you receive a call from an inmate without delay, or paying extra fees.


Inmate Voicemail


Inmates have access to a voicemail system provided by the facility allowing inmates to receive messages from friends, love ones, and their legal counsel for a small processing fee. Inmates never have to miss out on important family details, or love ones can stop by to say hello.


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