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Fabletics Knows and Uses a Major Factor in Its Success

by JimHanson82 .

Successful business owners understand that their success depends on a ton of factors. One of the largest factors in the success of a business is in what people have to say about the company. Kate Hudson understands this, which is one of the reasons that she has helped grow her company into a large and successful enterprise. One thing that she does and advises other business owners to do is leverage the power of the crowd. There are different methods to this. One of the most effective methods of using the crowd is actually engaging with them in order to understand what they want from the company.


The power of the crowd is more important than ever since the internet makes it a lot easier for people to find out what others think about a certain product, service or brand. People do not rely on editorials or reviews from professional critics in order to help them decide on whether or not to buy a product. All they have to do is read a bunch of reviews on a certain page and then decide based on what they read whether or not it is worth pursuing something with the company.


One of the ways that Fabletics is taking advantage of this new approach is by using strategies that are centered on reviews that are released by the customers. This is a very wise decision because people are more likely to pay attention to what others that are in a similar walk of life to them say as opposed to what the company says or a professional reviewer says. Fabletics also uses customer reviews in order to help them determine how to improve and what direction to take in the industry. The goal is to provide a satisfactory experience to as many customers as possible.


The internet has put an end to the days where customers are told what they wanted without any input on their part. These days, it is the customer that is encouraged to bring their ideas to the company that they are shopping at so that the products that are offered can be improved. This is especially the case in the fashion industry. People need to be vocal about what they want in the fashion industry so that their influence will be effective. Fabletics is another step in the direction of true diversity and fashionable freedom for people who want to express their true selves.

Talk Fusion Takes Next Step Toward Becoming Global Brand

by JimHanson82 .

If you are interested in becoming an entrepreneur, it may behoove you to follow the steps of Talk Fusion founder and CEO Bob Reina. Reina founded Talk Fusion back in 2007 because he saw an opportunity within the market for innovation in video communications and marketing. Reina accurately forecasted exactly how the internet would capitulate toward video as a tool. Now, Talk Fusion is still in the headlines over a decade later and they’ve recently made some moves to give their brand a more global reach. What has Talk Fusion done to change the game? Let’s find out.


The global outreach for Talk Fusion starts by trying to get their message out in the most impressive and effective way possible. Reina says, “This business is all about duplication.” This led Reina and Talk Fusion to launch two new hubs of information: and These two hubs of information serve as the easiest ways to learn about, integrate with and become attached to Talk Fusion. The first of the websites guide prospective clients through three steps, fully explaining and showing off the Talk Fusion advantage. The second of the two websites allow potential clients to engage in a live presentation that is hosted by top Talk Fusion executives. These presentations are hosted daily and they represent some of the tools in the Talk Fusion toolbox.


Talk Fusion has never been able to succeed by taking it easy and that is why we are not surprised to see the company push onto these new platforms. Before the launch of these new digital platforms Talk Fusion had already found a home in over 140 countries and nine different languages. Now, the sky seems the limit for a company that is dedicated to always making sure that they are cracking the glass ceiling.


Talk Fusion was established to become the all-in-one marketing solution that prospective entrepreneurs needed in order to take their business to the next level. Now, a decade later, Talk Fusion is cementing their reputation and making a difference for countless people all around the world who need what Talk Fusion has to offer. Learn more:

Turbocharging Investments? Ted Bauman Says Yes!

by JimHanson82 .

Ted Bauman, editorial director at Banyan Hill Publishing, recently posted an article on that may get investors anxious about their money. The article presents an investment opportunity premised on the dollar’s exchange rate against foreign currency and the prospect that it will inevitably weaken a bit. If you’re a risk-taking investor, Bauman’s article is just for you.

According to Bauman, the money is in assets that produce streams of income in future. Using shares as an example, he explains that when you buy foreign shares (shares in a foreign company) priced in local currency, they will be cheap because of the dollar’s stronger position. Now, take the decline of the dollar into account, say, 1 to 4 years from the time of purchase, it means that the shares will be worth more in dollars. This will provide you with extra income. If Bauman’s enthusiasm for the dollar’s declination concerns you, don’t be; it might not be such a bad thing after all. While the strength of the dollar is a manifestation of our economy’s strength, it also means locally manufactured products are expensive compared to those manufactured in other countries, which means fewer exports and more imports, and no one wants that.

Bauman’s exact goldmine is in land. According to the Banyan director, land is the ultimate revenue-producing asset. Land in foreign countries are relatively cheap because of the dollar’s strength. This means you can buy agricultural land easily. Furthermore, such land appreciates on an average of 2-5% every year. Add the annual return on investment and the value of appreciation for every year you hold such land and you have yourself a turbocharged investment. Bauman also asserts that such investment is very easy to make because of local industries that encourage foreign investment in the agricultural sector, so much that you might not have to physically go there. He will have a more detailed presentation on the same in The Bauman Letter, coming out early 2018.

Ted Bauman is the editor of The Bauman Letter and two other publications. He is an expert on low-risk investment, asset protection and international migration. His career mission is to help people obtain safe ways of growing their wealth. His articles are free and they offer investment advice as well as opportunities to readers. He is also a contributor on Stocktwits. Bauman lives with his family in Atlanta, Georgia.