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Peter Briger: Making an Impact with Fortress Investment Group

by JimHanson82 .

Peter Briger is a known titan in the world of finance. He is part of the top 400 professionals in business in the Forbes list. He is now the president of Fortress Investment Group. He also serves as the co-chairman of the Board of Directors at the company. Pete began working for Fortress Investment Company in the year 2002. Briger is given credit for helping in taking the company public. He is also in charge of the credit fund business and real estate divisions in the company, where mostly focuses on illiquid investment and the distressed debt.Peter’s professional career began when he took up various management and leadership roles at Goldman Sachs. He was armed with an MBA from Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania. He had also acquired a Bachelor’s degree from Princeton University.

While working with Goldman Sachs, Briger was dedicated and was able to gain vast expertise in various areas. He was able to gather a skill set of handling foreign investment, real estate, distressed debt, and loans and trading. He was able to make it to partner with the investment banking company before leaving in 2002.Briger then joined Fortress Investment Company and took the firm to great heights. He was able to achieve most of the success due to the experience and knowledge gained when working for Goldman Sachs. Peter is credited with taking Fortress Investment Company public. Today, the firm is a huge investment company that manages assets of more than 65 billion dollars. The company deals with both the private and institutional investors.The role of Peter Briger in the world of investment is unparalleled. He made some significant contributions to Goldman and Sachs.

However, he managed to reach greater heights and make it to the list of billionaires when working for Fortress Investment Company. He continues to work in the company by finding ways to help the nations with debt to raise capital. Briger is a respected professional who has proved that he knows his way around. Apart from his professional commitments, Peter has various roles that he is serving. He is a board member of multiple organizations. Briger is also a great philanthropist. He has invested more than 600 million dollars to help in the maintenance and conservation of Central Park in New York. Moreover, he is concerned with providing quality education to those who cannot access it. Briger works towards helping the children from the at-risk demographics.