3 Things Mike Baur Has Done To Help Young Entrepreneurs

by JimHanson82 .

If you’ve never heard of the Swiss Startup Factory or SSUF, it’s due time you learn a bit about one of the most innovative business accelerators today. SSUP was founded in 2014 by a group of successful Swiss businessmen who were looking to provide innovators with accelerated solutions to building their businesses. One of those men was Mike Baur, who at 39 years of age had already built himself a noteworthy career in private Swiss banks. He is now the CEO of the Swiss Startup Factory, where he aptly manages financing and fundraising. At two years of age, Baur’s own company may be its own most valuable success story. For those curious about what Baur and his company, we’ve compiled a list of three noteworthy things they’ve done for entrepreneurs.



  1. SSUF has designed a three-month program that teaches innovators the important aspects of starting and accelerating a business. Those looking to apply for the program can do so through their webpage, by simply filling out a form and submitting required documents, such as a cover letter. Once in, individuals will learn everything there is to know about promoting their business. SSUF provides their ‘student’ with expert mentoring, access to an impressive line of investors, and a gateway to a vast network of fellow entrepreneurs. Students will learn how to do everything from finance their startup to pitch their products.


  1. In 2016, SSUF provided one of its graduates with a gateway to success. Beaconsmind, a rooftop shopping beacon was offered a renowned partnership with Bullag-Guggenhei, a major Swiss retail chain that includes several well-known labels. By picking up and mentoring Beaconsmind, SSUF demonstrated its ability to recognize an innovator for their product, instead of their capacity. With industries looking to find a competitive edge, SSUF is a valuable resource that puts them in touch with people who would otherwise not fall within their radar.


  1. By continuing to partner with top-of-the-line companies, SSUF has demonstrated their desire to really jumpstart and promote the businesses that come to them for help. SSUF surpassed its own startup phase rapidly and seeks to demonstrate a keen sense of determination and success to those it mentors.



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