A Brief about Raj Fernando’s Business and Executive Leadership

by JimHanson82 .

Raj Fernando is a seasoned entrepreneur, philanthropist and fundraiser. According Marketswiki, Raj is best known as the Founder and CEO of Scoutahead and Chopper Trading. At Chopper Trading Fernando played an important role of designing, managing and implementing a number of operations covering communication, trading and source code security systems implementation in the financial sector. The firm grew very rapidly under the leadership of Raj Fernando, a fact that saw it trade in some of the biggest exchanges globally such as NASDAQ, CME and Eurex.

The strength of the company comes from its dedicated workforce that includes a corps of engineers and traders. The firm has a policy of hiring only the best workers to ensure its service delivery remains impeccable. According to Smart Business, the long and stringent hiring process aims to tap workers who will last many years. Raj has invested a lot of resources in ensuring the workplace remains as conducive as possible to workers. This is the reason why employees enjoy attractive perks and gratuity in form of compensation to entertainment and games.

When he founded Chopper Trading in 2002, Raj intimated that he prefers to have a cohesive workforce and conducive work environment rather than a miserable team that is only keen on making money. Raj established Scoutahead in 2016. According to ChopperTrading.com, the new internet startup was created to provide cutting edge information that would help companies expand their productivity. Thanks to his 25 years plus experience in international finance, Raj plays an important role of spearheading the Scoutahead’s cyber security initiative.

 About Raj Fernando

Raj Fernando 45, has established a string of successful startups in his home city of Chicago. The most notable include Chopper Trading, which he sold in 2015 and Scoutahead.  According to Wikipedia.com, Raj Fernando studied at Beloit College, where he obtained his bachelor’s degree in economics and history. He also maintains an active presence in the social media.

For more information please visit http://www.rajfernando.com



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    Raj is a huge fan of sports, animal rights initiatives and orchestra. He is currently a member of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra Board of Trustees and sits on the BOD of the animal shelter group called PAWS Chicago. It is going to be a cool way for me to write my paper for me fast and to make sure all these things works really well.

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