Bridget Scarr

by JimHanson82 .

Bridget Scarr is a producer and a writer with a love of developing content that extends across platforms. Her creations connect with audiences emotionally and intellectually. For over fifteen years Bridget was a seasonal executive producer for television, advertisements, and animation. She currently works at Colibri Studios. She heads up the strategy, partnerships and content development there. Daily she works on daily development and collaborates with international broadcasters, project partners, and talent that brings projects to reality. She created Colibri because she sought out a home for her creative ideas. In her previous career she was a TV producer and her goal was to bring everyone’s ideas to life. Colibri is the place where she bring all of her ideas to life. In bringing ideas to life, Bridget states that it is according to the project and it’s inspiration. Bridget studies her work and really does what she can to get inspiration and to make these ideas become real. Her advice to her younger self was to get rid of any fear, trust the journey, and to believe in your God-given gifts. She also believes you should be grateful for who and what you have and appreciate the ones you love.


Bridget is a typical person who starts her day out by meditating. She then gets a bite to eat with her family and occasionally visits her office. She never uses her phone during this time, she uses the time to focus on the day and the projects she has lined up. She works in her office from about 9 to 12 which is the timing in which she does most of her thinking and writing. She and her family have a daily lunch where they spend their family time together. After 2 p.m. her work schedule is very flexible. During this time she reads books, follows up on emails, watched TV episodes, and searches around for project information. During the evening they take their son on a stroll and plays at the park before having dinner. After her son is asleep she either does more work, or watches television, takes a bath, and finally gets some rest.


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