Academy of Art University: Laying The Groundwork.

by JimHanson82 .

The Academy of Art University is a school in San Francisco that challenges present students to be the best that they can be. The university has almost three hundred full-time teachers and over twelve thousand students. The school lies in the heart of San Francisco so students can enjoy the vibrant nature of what the city has to offer.
Future students who wish to come to the Academy of Art Univesity can take part in a few different ways. First students can take a tour of the campus. Secondly, they can find out what kind of student and financial aid available. Finally, if a student can’t make it to the campus directly then the student can take classes online to earn their prospective degree.
The Academy of Art University has many challenging courses for the students to take, There are courses for graduate and undergraduate students in areas such as acting, architecture, photography, web design, writing for movies and television and one of the most popular courses fashion. One of the many rigorous challenges that senior students have to face is preparing and delivering a fashion show in New York during Fashion Week. Here are two students and their unique designs.
The first student is named Eden Slezin. He is from the local area and used recyclable materials in order to show the ability to combine different things to make new fabrics. One of the fabrics that he loves to use in his fashions is denim. He loves the classic look and feel of the material and combining it with other materials like rubber will only add to the longevity of the materials he uses.
The second student that created her own fashions is named Saya Shen. She is from Beijing, China and used photographs that she took around San Francisco and Hokkaido She used the photographs to change them into sensational natural fabrics.
The Academy of Art University is laying the groundwork for students to excel in their chosen fields. The student may leave the university but it will always be part of them no matter what road they take.

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