Learn about Glen Wakeman in 3 minutes

by JimHanson82 .

Glen Wakeman is a successful executive and investor mentor, a small business owner, financial services manager, public company CEO, and board member. He has a 21-year experience in management at GE in P&L and business development roles.


He is passionate about growing businesses through improving company agility and performance and by using a proven methodology that enhances and assesses five key dimensions of performance; human capital, leadership, risk management, execution, and governance.
Glen Wakeman is currently the
founder and CEO of LaunchPad that has a fully automated software service that helps new entrepreneurs organize their ideas into plans that can work. The company has broad and massive tips and suggestions that will guide start-ups as they start. It is supported by a large number of capital ventures and mentors.

Before this, Glen was the founder and president of Nova 4, a business accelerator that provides access to funders and strategic advice to developing companies. He is still acting as the CEO of coaching and board duties as a way of sustaining the developments.


Glen has received several locals, national, and international awards for his exceptional leadership and his passion and dedication to the corporate world.


Glen attended the University of Chicago where he received his MBA. For his BS in economics and finance, he participated in the University of Scranton.

Role of GE Capital

Glen spent 20 years in successful complex roles in leadership in business development, general management, and operations management. In his last position as the CEO of GE Money Latin America, he grew a nine-country operation from a startup that exceeded $12B in assets and more than 17000 workers.

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Squaw Valley Reassures Visitors About Water Safety

by JimHanson82 .

The winter sports haven of Squaw Valley has recently moved to reassure its visitors about the quality of the water in the region after four water wells serving a small portion of the mountain were contaminated during a heavy rain event. Squaw Valley Ski Resort’s Liesl Kenney has been providing updates on the situation and recently explained the problems are being faced and defeated as traces of E.Coli and Coliform are being reduced in the well system; the four wells showing traces of contamination are part of the Upper Mountain groundwater well system that was updated in 2016.


Liesl Kenney reported the problems began with a rain event that brought more water than could reasonably be expected into the well system in a very short space of time, resulting in an inundation of contaminated water that has forced the closure of the water supply to the Upper Mountain region. Despite the problems seen with the water supply being turned off to the region, Squaw Valley believe the fact their own water testing procedures identified the contaminants before any visitor could be offered harmful water is a success they can take heart from.


Squaw Valley Ski Resort also reports no medical conditions or other links have been found that show contaminated water has caused any problem for guests to the mountain; the resort has also explained the contaminated water supply will not be restored to full working order until the all clear is given by local officials from Placer County Environmental Health Department.


As soon as the contamination was identified by officials at Squaw valley the water supply was turned off to the Upper Mountain region and the issue self reported to Placer County Environmental Health Department and Squaw Valley local government officials. Wesley Nicks of Placer County also made a statement reporting the work completed by his own officials and a team of independent water experts employed by Squaw Valley has proven successful with three of four wells already clear of E.Coli contamination and reduced levels of Coliform.