Kenneth Goodgame Continues Prestigious Career

by JimHanson82 .

Kenneth Goodgame is an experienced executive that has dedicated his career to the consumer goods industry. He entered the consumer goods industry shortly after graduating from the University of Tennessee in the mid 1990s, at which point he obtained a job working for the Home Depot Corporation out of Atlanta. While working for Home Depot, he had a number of different positions working in the corporate office. Goodgame had a number of different roles as a product merchant before being promoted into a senior product management role where he was responsible for an 11% increase in top line revenue.

After spending nine years working for Home Depot, Goodgame moved to North Carolina and worked for the Rubbermaid Corporation. While working for Rubbermaid, Goodgame was named as the President and General Manager of the Rubbermaid Cleaning division. Prior to taking over the division, it was struggling, but Goodgame quickly improved its market share and overall profitability. Goodgame was ultimately promoted to Senior Vice President and continued to see an improvement in revenue and net income in areas that he managed.

Following a five-year stint at Rubbermaid, Kenneth Goodgame took a job working for a growing company, Techtronic. While at Techtronic, he was able to turn the Baja Motor Sports division into a growing company that was quickly becoming an industry leader.

In 2010, Goodgame received his next big break by getting a key position working for the True Value Corporation near Chicago. While working for the True Value Corporation, Goodgame worked as a product merchant and brand manager for a variety of different products and departments. Learn more about Kenneth Goodgame: