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Sussex Healthcare Unique Approach To Healthcare

by JimHanson82 .

Sussex Healthcare is an organization that provides quality care in their full residential homes to elderly patients and younger adults with learning and physical disabilities. The people living in the residential homes are provided with a very home like atmosphere that provides the required medical help along with numerous support services.

Sussex Healthcare is located on the southern coast of England. Recently, they celebrated providing 25 years of service to the community. It’s interesting to note that Sussex opened back in 1985 with only one care home. Today, the organization operates 20 care homes in the community. They are also a highly respected and award winning organization that has strong leadership at the helm.

Strong Leadership
It takes strong leadership to guide an organization to the type of success achieved by Sussex Healthcare. The organization has co-chairmen. One is Shiraz Boghani, who has a very strong business background and has worked in the hospitality industry. The other co-chairman is Shafik Sachedina who has a strong medical background. He is a trained dental surgeon. In addition, the organization recently welcomed a new CEO to Sussex. Her name is Amanda Morgan-Taylor. She began her career as a mental health nurse and has moved up the organizational ladder to a position of leadership with Sussex.

Kind And Caring Staff
Of course, strong leadership is the foundation of a good organization. A strong organization also contains a talented staff that is professional and very compassionate too. Sussex Healthcare strongly believes in investing in their staff. Therefore, they provide their staff with in-house training, continued training, management programs, excellent pensions, free uniforms, free transportation bus, and much more. Sussex is a wonderful place to start a career or extend a career to greater heights.

Sussex also provides a wide range of activities for the people that they provide care for in their care homes. The activities cover social to physical activities that are designed to stimulate their body and their mind.

Care Specialties
Sussex Healthcare’s unique approach to healthcare is treating the entire individual. Therefore, they provide the daily and critical medical care required for patients in their care homes along with activities designed to keep their mind vital and active. Certainly, this is very important for the elderly people in their care homes. They also take care of people with physical disabilities, mental disabilities, dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, neurology care and more. Today, Sussex is the largest and top provider of customized healthcare in the area.

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Dr Richard Shinto is InnovaCare’s Force of Change

by JimHanson82 .

InnovaCare Health is a healthcare company that is changing the lives of people in the United States. The institution provides managed healthcare services to clients in all the American states. InnovaCare Health is based in Fort Lee, and it has been instrumental in bringing positive changes in the nation’s medical system. Unlike most of the healthcare companies, InnovaCare Health has invested heavily in its leadership. The institution also employs experienced and qualified professionals in all its positions to make sure that everything runs smoothly.The leadership of the company has played a leading role in the success of the health facility.

At the moment, Richard Shinto popularly referred to as Rick is the chief executive director of the organization. Shinto is famed for his many years in the clinical field. The businessman has been in operational healthcare for more than two decades, and he is believed to be the force behind numerous changes in the company.Being a leader in a healthcare institution is not a walk in the park. For individuals to access this prestigious position, they must have worked hard to gain the trust of the board of directors. The candidate for this position must be perfectly qualified too so that they do not make costly mistakes that can impact lives negatively. The leader must be experienced too in similar situations so that they can understand how to tackle challenges that arise when they are leaders.

Before getting the position of president at InnovaCare Health, Rick Shinto had worked in several organizations. The businessman had served as the chief executive director and president of a company known as Aveta Inc until it was sold in the year 2012. Rick was part of the management team in the health care company, and he brought very many changes. Before joining Aveta Inc, Rick was serving at NAMM California as the chief medical officer. These positions helped him significantly in his career. About Penelope Kokkinide he is among the individuals taking InnovaCare Health to a higher level. At the moment, Kokkinides serves as the company’s chief administrative officer. At this position, Penelope has been instrumental in the company success. Before acquiring this role, Kokkinides had served in several organizations and she had acquired a lot of knowledge in the industry. Kokkinides has also served in government approved programs, and she has all the basics needed. Before this role, Penelope was serving at Aveta Inc.