Pali Catipal

Brad Reifler: The Business Genius Using His Expertise to Help Others

by JimHanson82 .

Brad Reifler is the founder and CEO of Forefront Advisory LLC and Forefront Capital Management. In this company, they offer guidance from experts concerning the Forex and commodities’ market investing. He also worked and found other companies before Forefront. His previous work experience includes the following:

Pali Catipal Inc.- was the senior managing director

  • Reifler Trading Corporation- he found in 1982.
  • Reifler Capital Management- he found in 1992.
  • Refco Inc.- managed from 1995 to 2000 in the institutional sales desk department.
  • Wins Finance Holdings Inc.- served from October 26, 2015 to March 20, 2016 as director

Brad Reifler also serves the following boards: Symmetry Property Development, LLC as director, ITG Investment Research Inc’s director, ROOT Exchange’s director, the Millbrook School’s trustee, Millbrook School finance committee’s chairman, Sino Mercury Acquisition Corp’s independent director, and board member of Genesis Securities, Foresight Research Solutions, and European American Investment Bank. As far as his educational pursuits, Brad Reifler earned an bachelors degree from Bowdoin College in political science and economics.

With 30+ years under his belt in his field, Brad Reifler continues to work hard for his and other organizations. He also uses his expertise and voice for the ordinary person who is interested in investing, so that the person will be able to obtain a better financial status for him/her and his/her family.

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