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An Insight Into The Life And Career Of The Financial Expert Brian Bonar

by JimHanson82 .

The financial expert Brian Bonar has been working in the financial sector for all his career. In this sector, Brian Bonar has been able to build his career as a very experienced finance manager. His expertise in the financial sector has enabled him to climb the ranks of business to hold some of the most influential offices in the business market. Currently, Brian Bonar is the Director of the Dalrada Financial Corporation.

He joined this firm’s executive body in 1995 as a member of the Board of Directors. In 1999, Mr. Bonar became the Chairman of the Board. Before he joined Dalrada Financial Corporation, he had a very notable career in the financial markets that gave him the credits to join this prominent firm.

Dalrada Financial Corporation is a U.S based financial firm that provides services such as insurance and benefits facilitation and guidance to its clients. This firm also helps its clients successfully go through the business process that helps them in outsourcing products for the services they offer.

Dalrada Financial Corporation mainly aims the small and medium-sized enterprises in the United States market. Under Brian Bonar’s leadership, this firm has been able to improve and expand its services in the market to include staffing guidance, human resource management, payroll processing, insurance compensation for workers and business liability insurance.

He has also helped this firm launch into the consultancy arena to provide expert business advice on information and technological systems, and business administration. Through this expansion, in April 2004, Brian Bonar helped this firm rebrand itself from Imaging Technologies Corporation to the now successful Dalrada Financial Corporation. This San Diego, the California-based financial firm has been in the financial markets since 1982.

Looking Brian Bonar’s career history, before joining Dalrada Financial Corporation Board of Directors, he was the Director of Technology Sales in the same firm. From this position, Brian Bonar was appointed the Executive Vice President of the firm the same year. Later in July 1997, Brian Bonar was named the President and Chief Operating Officer of Dalrada Financial Corporation and became its CEO in April 1998.

According to Bloomberg, Brian Bonar has also worked for other prominent organizations such as Bezier Systems Inc, Adaptec Inc, Rastek Corporation and QMS Inc. He began his financial career at IBM, U.K where he worked for over 17 years. Throughout his career Brain, Bonar has been acknowledged as a very keen worker who is inspired to succeed. This motivation has given him a chance to help most of his previous employers grow both businesswise and value wise.