Wild Ark’s Vision and Eco-Friendly Travel Destinations

by JimHanson82 .


Currently, Eco-Friendliness of is an important aspect to global travelers when choosing destinations. Here are two examples of great conservation and eco-conscious travel destinations to consider for your vacation:


  1. Kenya


Kenya has a large number of wild animals with over fifty national preserves and parks.Kenya has also breathtaking savannahs that attracts tourists for safari encounters. The government in Kenya has a body known as Ecotourism Kenya that is responsible for monitoring the national resources in the country. This organization uses outreach programs to educate people on the need to safeguard the native fauna and flora. Kenya lodges are rated based on environmental policies so that people can comprehend how their vacation can affect the local community and environment. It is advisable to visit Kenya between October and last week of June to be able to see a majority of the wildlife.


2.The Republic of Palau


Palau is a country that’s located in the Pacific Ocean between Guam and Philippines with of over 500 Islands. Palau is a well-known diving destination worldwide and the government is very proactive in ensuring that the natural environment is protected. Also, there are reefs of almost 500miles that are no-fishing areas and as a result a number of fish species that endangered have repopulated in those areas. Visit Palau in March and December when the water is calm and warm and the rainy season is over


About Wild Ark


Sophie and Mark Hutchinson are a couple who are passionate conservationists who founded Wild Ark. Together with their team, the Hutchinsons aim at educating travelers about the wilderness and ensuring that Earth is protected for generations to come. Wild Ark’s main concern is on the perils that face the wild places of the world and coming up with ways of making a difference.


Wild Ark’s Vision and Mission


The company’s vision is to protect the wild places of the world. The mission of Wild Ark is to secure identified parts of the green belts worldwide in order to conserve wildlife as well as create opportunities for experience and research. As a result, travelers will be able to gain inspiration to protect nature.


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