CTI Invest Partners with Swiss Start-up Factory to Further Develop Swiss Start up Ecosystem

by JimHanson82 .

During the last Swiss Venture day that took place in 2015 December, the managing director of CTI Invest Jean Pierre Vuilleumier made several crucial announcements. The top financer for innovative start-ups in Switzerland will closely work together with the Swiss start-up factory.

As from January 2016, CTI Invest and self-governing accelerator Swiss Start-up factory will commence on a close collaboration so that they can further advance the Swiss Start-up bionetwork. One of the founders of Swiss start-up, Mike Baur was nominated as the deputy managing director of CTI Invest. Mike Baur is being considered as the legitimate successor of the current managing director of CTI Invest Mr. Jean-Pierre. To make the relationship between the two corporations stronger, Jean Pierre joined the Swiss Start-up factory management team and he was appointed managing partner of the Swiss Start-up factory.

The two companies will be cooperating in various areas. Currently, they have started a public website with Podcasts and Videos of Swiss Start-ups. The Swiss start-up Factory will work together with CTI Invest in event planning such as Swiss start-up day and learning how Start-ups work under the their brand name. The training programme started in 2016 during the spring season.

CTI Invest will offer their support for the pre-selection, the coaching and the Demo Day with the financiers of the Swiss Start-up Factory accelerators course. The format of the Swiss venture day will be reintroduced. At the two events held in Zurich and Lausanne simultaneous trajectories are anticipated, one for the Life Sciences and IT. On top of that, a new Life Science Venture Day is an alternative for Basel. The same as the previous year, extra Swiss Venture Days will as well commence in St. Gallen and Ticino.

About Swiss Start-up Factory

Swiss Start-up Factory is an accelerator organization based in Zurich that was launched in 2014. The organization is seeking successful digital capitalist. The Swiss Start-up Factory operates a three month long startup accelerator programmed in which they offer exceptional platform of services such as mentoring, finance, and coaching and office space in the main city of Zurich and also entrepreneurial network.

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  1. Jim Hanson says:

    The two companies will organize events together, providing training for start-ups and the good thing is they have already launched a site with podcasts and videos of Swiss start-ups. This is very true and bestessay discount has been purchased heavly due to this too.

    December 14, 2016 at 3:40 pm