CTRMA Promotes MoPac Project to Enhance Infrastructure and Provide Stable Roads for Business

by JimHanson82 .


CTRMA is an independent government agency trusted with the task of improving the transport system within Texas. This organization is prominent for developing many roads including tolls and lanes with the primary purpose of enhancing transportation system in the industry. In 2015, the American-Statesman highlighted the transportation issues faced by the residents of Texas. According to the report released, the region needs smart roads, and the only way the agency could develop such roads is by utilizing modern technology. To answer the Statesman, Mike Heiligenstein stated that the agency is a public property and not a private firm. It is right to say that the company under the insightful guidance of Mike Heiligenstein would commit to the development of smart roads just like before when it developed tolls and lanes in Texas.




To address the issue of traffic and congestion, Mike stated that the agency would work on a project called the MoPac Improvement. This is a project that has been generated to assist in alleviating traffic across the North Boulevard. The project is set to add toll lanes across different roads on different lanes. The $200 million project includes 11 miles of total roads in Texas. Since the establishment of CTRMA in 2002, Mike has been in charge. He manages the staff as well as the board members. The board comprises of six members from Travis and Williamson counties. Each member is assigned a department to handle within the agency.




CTRMA is responsible for the entire transportation system including roads, mass transit, airports as well as seaports. Under the leadership of Mike does the agency develop high-tech initiatives and technology to support projects that are geared towards the development of infrastructure. These projects seek to alleviate traffic congestion to build healthy communities as well as promote economic vitality. While many individuals anticipate that the development of smart roads will contribute to finding a permanent solution, Mike holds a different perspective. He is of the suggestion that a larger capacity will play the primary role in developing better, non-congested roads. He also agrees that technology plays a pivotal role in developing high-tech roads.


Mike’s Profile


As the head cheerleader of CTRMA, Mike Heiligenstein combines a unique talent and qualification for the position. He has been serving as the official for 23 years and has contributed to the growth of the communities around Williamson County.


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