Direct Selling By QNET

Over the last few decades, businesses have been coming up with new approaches to maximize their potential. These new approaches are all geared towards ensuring the economy grows and flourishes. One of the latest approaches that are fast gaining track is direct selling. This method of doing business has proven efficient when it comes to creating opportunities for a few with the intent of benefitting a larger population in the long run.

Direct selling is one of the most efficient ways of conducting business that involves dealing directly with the retailer. By getting rid of the middlemen, distributors and whole-sellers, this approach increases the demand for goods at an affordable price. Direct selling can be implemented in three ways;

  • Single-Level Marketing- this is where a direct seller is tasked with creating a consumer base instead of working with a team. The seller is limited to a given geographical area where they sell their products directly to consumers.
  • Party Plan Marketing- this method involves hosting a party for individuals who share your idea and inviting them to try out some of your products. During these parties, you can hold contests and award winners. This method works best when selling household items.
  • Multi-Level Marketing– this is where the direct seller sponsors individuals to market and sell products directly instead of recruiting employees. This is a cost-effective approach that also allows the seller to create income opportunities for others.

Qnet has over the years risen to become one of India’s leading direct selling companies with a wide network of direct sellers. The company has been able to bring onboard people of different ages and genders, especially with the onset of the pandemic. Through joining Qnet, several individuals have been able to earn a decent income from self-employment.

Qnet offers several products and has successfully leveraged direct selling to market and sell their products not only in India but in other countries as well. Their products are largely focused on beauty products, health and wellness and home and living. Visit this page for more information.


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