Doe Deere Reveals the Secrets of Her Lime Crime Beginnings

by JimHanson82 .

Doe Deere is the amazing face and mind behind the revolutionary makeup brand and company called Lime Crime. You may have heard of her as she was recently name one of the Top Inspiring Women Entrepreneurs in Self-Made magazine. You also may have heard of her because her makeup brand is awesome. She has a fun website that you have to check out.

All About Lime Crime and Doe Deere

In an interview with Galore Magazine, Doe Deere has a lot to say about her early beginnings as a makeup artist and makeup designer.

If you haven’t yet heard of Doe Deere, you certainly will in the coming months. Her makeup line is called Lime Crime, and it is taking the fashion and design world by storm. This company was started on the Internet, and it still runs primarily on the Internet. In the interview, Doe Deere explains how she very much likes working primarily on the Internet.

Doe Deere actually began her line of makeup by doing makeup videos online. This is a common start for a lot of makeup artists and makeup designers, but Doe Deere set the bar high because she went on to do amazing things with her fame.

She says in her interview that she adores colors of all kinds. Growing up, she always wanted to wear lots of different colors all at once, and she was often found digging into her mother’s makeup bag as well. She admits that she wasn’t that good at applying makeup while she was growing up, and even in high school, she didn’t really have the makeup application know-how. In fact, it wasn’t until she was well into her 20s that she actually learned the proper ways to apply makeup.

The first videos that she put up online were of her applying wild makeup with rhinestones and colors of all shades and hues. Today, she’s got one of the biggest makeup companies in the world.

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