Former NY Road Runners CEO Michael Capiraso Joins JoggingBuddy As The Board’s Advisor

There is joy amid the pandemic as JoggigBuddy gets a new shareholder and advisor. The new member to join the board is none other than Michael Capiraso, the man who knows what it takes to be a runner in not only New York and American roads but many other places in the world. Michael Capiraso comes to the board after accomplishing many things including a successful organization and completion of the New York Road Runners Marathon where he was the Chief Executive Officer to the committee that was tasked with the responsibility of ensuring the marathon is a success.

While accepting the invitation to join the team, Michael Capiraso said, “When I saw the platform, I didn’t hesitate. I knew this is the right place for me. This is where I feel comfortable with Tony and other buddies who support and promote road running, walking and jogging for a better and a healthy lifestyle.” Thanks to his wholesome enthusiasm for sports, Michael Capiraso has supported several sporting activities that are aligned to running, jogging and even walking in order to stay fit; maintain a healthy lifestyle as well as promoting a variety of brands that deal with consumer goods. Throughout his life, Michael Capiraso has been in the forefront in ensuring there is holistic harmony among groups that participate in sports.

Among the notable activities Michael Capiraso has taken part in are the various tournaments within the NFL, brands such as Calvin Klein, Major League Baseball, WPP, Cole, and Haan. Michael Capiraso worked in and for these and other brands and sports activities before he was selected to lead the team that organized the New York Marathon as a CEO of NYRR. His innovative marketing strategies as well as passion for sports have made him one of the highly dependable individuals that bring results whenever sports activities are held in the United States of America.