Georgette Mulheir is Working for People after Earthquake in Haiti

The massacre in Haiti will still be new in many people’s minds. It was alleged that Jimmy Cherizier was the perpetrator behind the attack in La Saline. Following a lengthy investigation, it was discovered that many lives had been lost. The bodies of everyone who had succumbed to the painful jaws of death had been found (Healthteczone)


Animals had even fed on some of them. Shockingly, women were raped and, worse, burned alive. Much of this was carried out without mercy. Global activists such as Georgette Mulheir were in shock and concerned trying to do something against this situation. This massacre in Haiti can be classified as hostile and among the worst. The entire globe has condemned this hostility terming it as “a lack of humane.” The reasons for the attack’s initiation and preparation are unknown. Several massacres have occurred, with the most impoverished civilians bearing the brunt of the consequences. 


The situation repeated itself over twice in Haiti, leaving its citizens devastated. As a result, communities have agreed to stage demonstrations to mock the government’s actions. A number of communities have been impacted and Bel Air is not an exemption. Currently, there is a dictatorship in Haiti. Georgette Mulheir as well as other global human rights activists are well aware of this. It has been impacted on many occasions, the most recent attack on August 31, 2020, which caught several people’s attention. The group was targeted by attackers who set fire to their homes. Women violated sexually, forcing them to move to safer places after their homes were set on fire. This act was condemned as inhumane by the human rights organization. 


The incursion resulted in the deaths of people, the destruction of land, and the separation of loved ones. It was necessary to find a way to assist the affected families in regaining their hope. Due to an increase in the rate of migration and property destruction, the displaced communities have increased. According to UN analysis, the 2019 Bel Air attack may have been a coordinated effort between Cherizier and the government of Haiti. Because of the regular demonstrations, the assault on local residents was anticipated. Georgette Mulheir has helped and will always be remembered for helping restore democracy in Haiti. He sought to improve the community’s wellbeing, especially the less fortunate, widows, and the socially disadvantaged.