How the Frontera Fund was Born

by JimHanson82 .

In October 2007, an influential and powerful county sheriff chose to send armed deputies to arrest two prominent journalists who were not following his orders. Joe Arpaio sent the powerful and feared group known as Selective Enforcement Unit so that Jim Larkin and Mike Lacey could be handcuffed and sent to jail.


Mike and Jim lived in their Phoenix-area homes, and they were working as Village Voice Media executives. On the fateful day, the media executives were taken from their houses forcefully then shoved into SUVs that were unmarked. The vehicles had dark and tinted windows so that the people inside could not be identified. The cars had Mexican license plates, making the matter worse for the relatives of the two journalists. Later on, Jim and Mike were booked into two separate jails that operate under the leadership of Joe Arpaio.


The incidence was unfair and inhuman to the innocent journalists, and they were planned and at the same time carried out by Joe and his men. Joe had always boasted to the country that he was the most powerful and toughest sheriff living in America. Arpaio had been disappointed by the stories that were published in an influential new paper known as Phoenix Times for a long time. The stories written in the magazine exposed some of his most secretive misdeeds. The magazine had published information stating all the irregularities that were rampant in the financial records managed by the sheriff.


According to the news published in the magazine, Joe Arpaio was inhuman to the people who he was leading. The powerful executive was misusing his office without caring about any consequences. For instance, the jails that were managed by Arpaio had substandard health conditions, leading to dangerous diseases. Numerous deaths and mistreatment cases resulted from the poor leadership.


When the public learned of the arrest, they decided to demonstrate on the streets, forcing Joe and his team to release the journalists. This marked a new start for the media executives who vowed never to allow such an injustice to other people in the community. Mike and Jim went to court and filed their case. Several months later, the two journalists were given a huge sum of money as compensation due to the harsh treatment they received from Joe Arpaio. The money received was used to form a human right organization that focuses on taking care of the needs of the less fortunate in the society. The institution is known as the Frontera Fund.


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