Investigator Pro 4.0 Uncovers Multiple Criminals

by JimHanson82 .

If you can make just one connection, you may be able to be criminals at their game. Pulling off a crime requires some degree of planning and execution. It can be incredibly hard to forecast criminal activity and stop it before it happens because criminals have the edge. Their privacy is protected by the Constitution and they can operate in the shadows before striking.


But convicted criminals have forfeited their right to privacy. Securus Technology is a telecommunications company that provides telephone services to prisons through government contracts. This company records telephone calls coming in and out of every facility, allowing law-enforcement officers to listen in on private conversations.


So why not use this information to predict and stop crime? Convicted criminals on the inside of prison are literally giving away secrets to cohorts on the outside. But sifting through a massive amount of phone calls can be difficult for law enforcement without the latest technological innovation from Securus.


 Investigator Pro 4.0 with voice search can help law enforcement make those tenuous connections. This is because the software recognizes particular voices on the telephone line.


Perhaps law-enforcement has identified a suspect outside of prison. They know the suspect calls a particular prisoner every week. They use this technology to identify his voice and they discover that the suspect is also talking to a separate inmate. Law enforcement can now connect the dots to identify other gang members or other criminals in cahoots.


If they are patient enough, this technology will expose an entire gang. This allows law enforcement to disrupt communication between these individuals to prevent crime. And it all happened because they identified a lesser-known connection in the criminal world.


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  1. Jim Hanson says:

    It can help law enforcement identify suspects, people of interest and high-value targets. But it’s real potential lies in finding those lesser-known connections. It is also an interesting thing that essay services could have done to ensure nothing of such goes wrong at all.

    March 21, 2017 at 11:43 am