by JimHanson82 .

Samuel Strauch is a real estate guru in Miami. He holds a BBA in international studies from Hofstra University and international finance and foreign marketing degree from Erasmus University. His educational background and experience have made him successful. Before joining his family’s real estate company, he was a banker, an opportunity that granted him vast experience in finance.

Since then, Mr. Strauch has established Metrik Real Estate Agency. By his leadership, the agency has made significant milestones in the industry. His has earned himself a solid reputation for selling homes on time. His company has witnessed growth over time, because of his ability to think outside the box. His diligence at work is great.

Samuel Strauch works very uniquely with his employees. First, he ensures that people employed to work with him are suitable and passionate about the roles they are expected to play. Mr. Strauch is a firm believer that a happy person is more productive. Therefore Samuel tries to create a fulfilling working environment. He expects them to grow as individuals and be productive, to score better results at work. He once said, “Even the smallest actions have the potential to become the biggest sources of positive change.”

Mr. Strauch is passionate about art and photography. He has his blog dedicated to his travels in Tibet, which features numerous photographs focused on Tibetan Buddhist monks. His life seems to revolve a statement he made,” Life is a lesson and whatever path we take is an essential part of our growth.”