Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award Goes To Robert Ivy

The executive vice president and CEO of the American Institute of Architects, Robert Ivy, was given the Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award from the Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters. Robert is the first architect to receive the Lifetime Achievement Award. The list of other awardees also includes Morgan Freeman, Walter Anderson, and Eudora Welty.

The Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award is awarded to artists and patrons connected to the state of Mississippi whose lifetime of work is exceptional. Robert Ivy is known for increasing the availability of architecture to the public. The American Institute of Architects’ president, Carl Elefante congratulated Robert Ivy and stated that he was a “worthy ambassador” for architecture and described the award as Robert’s “crowning personal and professional achievement.”

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Robert Ivy joined the American Institute of Architects in 2011 and has helped to expand the organization’s presence globally. The Mississippi native previously worked as editor in chief of Architectural Record. Architectural Record also had its presence spread globally under Robert Ivy’s leadership. Under Ivy’s leadership McGraw-Hill’s media has seen growth in both the Middle East and China.

Some of Robert Ivy’s other accomplishments are being awarded the National Magazine Award for General Excellence and launching a Mandarin version of Architectural Record. The awardee earned his Bachelor of Arts in English from Sewanee and attended Tulane University where he earned a Master of Architecture. Ivy is a former service U.S. Navy veteran. For his ability to communicate the high value of design Ivy was honored by the Alph Rho Chi architecture fraternity. He is designated a Master Architect, as was Mies van der Rohe, I.M. Pei, and Richard Buckminster Fuller. Only seven architects have received this honor in the century long history of the Alpha Rho Chi fraternity.

Ivy also works as an author and published “Fay Jones: Architect” in 2001; a biography that exhibits the work of another very successful architect.

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Mike Baur And His Achievements

Mike Baur, the founding partner of Swiss Startup Factory is a well-known figure in the entrepreneur world. His skills and expertise have benefited hundreds of start-up company owners both in Switzerland as well as around the world. Mike Baur offers his enormous knowledge in this industry to help motivate other entrepreneurs and make them attractive to potential investors.


Mike’s career began in the Swiss banking area, but he was more keen on becoming an entrepreneur that led him start Swiss Startup Factory. He came to this field through his long interest in creating his own brand. Apart from start-up services, Mike Baur’s company offers funding advice to its clients.


Mike Baur’s Swiss Startup Factory is the main catalyst for many new firms that have the potential to succeed in their field of interest. Mike’s business expertise through mentoring and training has always come to their rescue in solving management related issues. Mike Baur has been assisting his clients with a number of business matters, including planning, hiring, strategic thinking, marketing, fund procurement and production analysis. He has represented clients in various business dealings that involve venture capitalists and institutional funding sources as well.


Mike Baur graduated with a MBA degree from the University of Rochester New York and received Executive MBA from University of Berne. He spent more than two decades in Swiss Private Banking, served as a commercial apprentice at UBS as well as board member of a Swiss Private Bank. At the age of 39, he found his own company ‘Think Reloaded’ – an advisory firm for wealthy individuals and families. In collaboration with two partners, Mike founded Swiss Startup Factory in Zurich, which is now the top privately financed independent accelerator in Europe. He was also featured in the Wall Street Journal as one of the prominent figures in the modern start-up industry. His future plan is to invest a lot of time and effort in support of modern digital startups.


Mike Baur is passionate about making funding from various sources accessible for entrepreneurs and new companies. Through his quality service, talk, legal advice and suggestions, he has helped a large number of people find answers to their everyday business questions. And in his main company, you will find even more help from experts in entrepreneurship. Through dozens of articles and blogs, Mike Baur has been a valuable resource to stay current with new technology and trends.




Samuel Strauch is a real estate guru in Miami. He holds a BBA in international studies from Hofstra University and international finance and foreign marketing degree from Erasmus University. His educational background and experience have made him successful. Before joining his family’s real estate company, he was a banker, an opportunity that granted him vast experience in finance.

Since then, Mr. Strauch has established Metrik Real Estate Agency. By his leadership, the agency has made significant milestones in the industry. His has earned himself a solid reputation for selling homes on time. His company has witnessed growth over time, because of his ability to think outside the box. His diligence at work is great.

Samuel Strauch works very uniquely with his employees. First, he ensures that people employed to work with him are suitable and passionate about the roles they are expected to play. Mr. Strauch is a firm believer that a happy person is more productive. Therefore Samuel tries to create a fulfilling working environment. He expects them to grow as individuals and be productive, to score better results at work. He once said, “Even the smallest actions have the potential to become the biggest sources of positive change.”

Mr. Strauch is passionate about art and photography. He has his blog dedicated to his travels in Tibet, which features numerous photographs focused on Tibetan Buddhist monks. His life seems to revolve a statement he made,” Life is a lesson and whatever path we take is an essential part of our growth.”

Sussex Healthcare Unique Approach To Healthcare

Sussex Healthcare is an organization that provides quality care in their full residential homes to elderly patients and younger adults with learning and physical disabilities. The people living in the residential homes are provided with a very home like atmosphere that provides the required medical help along with numerous support services.

Sussex Healthcare is located on the southern coast of England. Recently, they celebrated providing 25 years of service to the community. It’s interesting to note that Sussex opened back in 1985 with only one care home. Today, the organization operates 20 care homes in the community. They are also a highly respected and award winning organization that has strong leadership at the helm.

Strong Leadership
It takes strong leadership to guide an organization to the type of success achieved by Sussex Healthcare. The organization has co-chairmen. One is Shiraz Boghani, who has a very strong business background and has worked in the hospitality industry. The other co-chairman is Shafik Sachedina who has a strong medical background. He is a trained dental surgeon. In addition, the organization recently welcomed a new CEO to Sussex. Her name is Amanda Morgan-Taylor. She began her career as a mental health nurse and has moved up the organizational ladder to a position of leadership with Sussex.

Kind And Caring Staff
Of course, strong leadership is the foundation of a good organization. A strong organization also contains a talented staff that is professional and very compassionate too. Sussex Healthcare strongly believes in investing in their staff. Therefore, they provide their staff with in-house training, continued training, management programs, excellent pensions, free uniforms, free transportation bus, and much more. Sussex is a wonderful place to start a career or extend a career to greater heights.

Sussex also provides a wide range of activities for the people that they provide care for in their care homes. The activities cover social to physical activities that are designed to stimulate their body and their mind.

Care Specialties
Sussex Healthcare’s unique approach to healthcare is treating the entire individual. Therefore, they provide the daily and critical medical care required for patients in their care homes along with activities designed to keep their mind vital and active. Certainly, this is very important for the elderly people in their care homes. They also take care of people with physical disabilities, mental disabilities, dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, neurology care and more. Today, Sussex is the largest and top provider of customized healthcare in the area.

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The Medical Inventions of Dr. Saad Saad

Pediatric surgeon Dr. Saad Saad is a graduate of the Cairo University School of Medicine. He completed his General Surgery Residency at the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey. Board Certified in Pediatric and General Surgery Dr. Saad is qualified to perform a dozen surgical procedures.


In practice, for over four decades Dr. Saad Saad is currently affiliated with Eaton Town, NJ based Meridian Pediatric Surgical Associates. In 2014 Dr. Saad was honored with a Patients’ Choice Award and Compassionate Doctor Recognition. He has performed free surgeries on impoverished children in the US and the Middle East. Besides being a physician and surgeon, Dr. Saad is also a medical innovator.


Dr. Saad Saad holds a patent for a Catheter with Integral Electromagnetic Location Identification Device. Because catheters are use-specific there are multiple types of catheters. In the simplest of terms, a catheter is a tube that is inserted into a patient’s body.


Catheters can be guided into place using a wire. The problem is that the wire can break off inside the patient resulting in complications. Imaging devices can be used to place catheters, but using an MRI machine during surgery is impractical and utilizing x-rays means bombarding the patient with radiation.


Dr. Saad’s solution was to invent a catheter with a built-in homing device. The detection device emits and an electromagnetic signal. The surgeon passes the detecting device over the patient until a light indicates that the catheter has been located.


As of this writing, the CIELID is not in production. The device’s practicality and safety benefits have caught the eye of an Iowa based producer of medical equipment.


Patent Number 5,725,478 was granted for an improved endoscope developed by Dr. Saad Saad. Dr. Saad’s scope is in production and sees extensive use. Endoscopy employs an illuminated flexible tube with a lens to explore the digestive tract. Endoscopes eliminate the need for exploratory surgery and utilizing imaging machinery.


Prior to Dr. Saad’s improvements, there were some drawbacks to using an endoscope. The human body is 60% water and where you have water and a lens in a warm environment you have condensation. When the doctor’s view became obstructed it would be necessary to remove the scope from the patient’s body, use a vacuum to purge the scope of the accumulated fluid, and reinsert the endoscope.


Dr. Saad replaced the anti-fog port on an endoscope with a suction/irrigation device. Now an endoscope can be cleared of liquid inside the body. This ability can shorten the time it takes to perform an endoscopy. For a pediatric surgeon like Dr. Saad, his modified endoscope has proven ideal for spotting and extracting the small items that are swallowed by children. Learn more:

Peter Briger: Making an Impact with Fortress Investment Group

Peter Briger is a known titan in the world of finance. He is part of the top 400 professionals in business in the Forbes list. He is now the president of Fortress Investment Group. He also serves as the co-chairman of the Board of Directors at the company. Pete began working for Fortress Investment Company in the year 2002. Briger is given credit for helping in taking the company public. He is also in charge of the credit fund business and real estate divisions in the company, where mostly focuses on illiquid investment and the distressed debt.Peter’s professional career began when he took up various management and leadership roles at Goldman Sachs. He was armed with an MBA from Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania. He had also acquired a Bachelor’s degree from Princeton University.

While working with Goldman Sachs, Briger was dedicated and was able to gain vast expertise in various areas. He was able to gather a skill set of handling foreign investment, real estate, distressed debt, and loans and trading. He was able to make it to partner with the investment banking company before leaving in 2002.Briger then joined Fortress Investment Company and took the firm to great heights. He was able to achieve most of the success due to the experience and knowledge gained when working for Goldman Sachs. Peter is credited with taking Fortress Investment Company public. Today, the firm is a huge investment company that manages assets of more than 65 billion dollars. The company deals with both the private and institutional investors.The role of Peter Briger in the world of investment is unparalleled. He made some significant contributions to Goldman and Sachs.

However, he managed to reach greater heights and make it to the list of billionaires when working for Fortress Investment Company. He continues to work in the company by finding ways to help the nations with debt to raise capital. Briger is a respected professional who has proved that he knows his way around. Apart from his professional commitments, Peter has various roles that he is serving. He is a board member of multiple organizations. Briger is also a great philanthropist. He has invested more than 600 million dollars to help in the maintenance and conservation of Central Park in New York. Moreover, he is concerned with providing quality education to those who cannot access it. Briger works towards helping the children from the at-risk demographics.

The Life and Career of Dr. David Samadi

It is factual that medical doctors are of great importance to the society. With that said, one medical doctor who has a great impact on the current generation is Dr. David Samadi. Samadi is the serving head cheerleader of Urology and robotic surgery at Lenox Hill Hospital. Serving from June 2013, Mr. Samadi has been instrumental in finding viable treatment options for cancer in men. As a leading urologist in America, he strives to maintain a professional image that most clients, in these scenario patients, can attest to liking. Dr. Samadi has vast experience in his expertise. He is also admired by many who would like to join the medical fraternity. But just how did he decide to join the industry? Well, Samadi has an exciting story given his native background.

Dr. David Samadi was raised in Iran during the Iranian Revolution. Having experienced firsthand life’s difficulties, he fled to Belgium with his brother. From that point, they pursued high school education and later moved to America for college education. In America, Dr. Samadi enrolled for medicine at Stony Brook University in 1994. He majored in biochemistry. After that, he registered for postgraduate training at the Montefiore Medical Centre.

Just to advance his training, Samadi further joined Albert Einstein College of Medicine for proctology. In 2000, he went back to Montefiore Medical Centre for an additional course in proctology. A year later (2001), Dr. Samadi joined the Memorial Sloan Kettering Centre and later on, he advanced his training in radical prostatectomy at the Henri Mondor Hospital. Under the leadership and mentorship of Claude Abbou, he garnered vast skills in his specialty.

Dr. David Samadi first worked at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital. He was good at offering the right diagnosis and prescription. After that, he joined Mt. Sinai School of Medicine as the vice chair of urologic department. As part of his contribution to the facility, he ensured that trained professionals conducted all surgeries. Evidently, his services to patients were recognized to the point of him being named as the highest paid doctor in 2012.

Currently, Samadi is a dedicated member of America’s Urological Association as well as America’s Medical Association. He also owns a television show dubbed ‘Dr. David Samadi TV. First announced in September 2017, Samadi uses the show to host various medical practitioners and disseminate critical information on health, cancer and reproductive health on men and women.

The Manaira Stores With Roberto Santiago

Even the Visiting the Paraiba, their country where by the Manaira looking can be found, Brazilians and holidaymakers alike are conscious that the buying centre is just one of those most crucial touristic factors to go to. Back in João Pessoa the town where it’s positioned, the local Manaira was among their favourite locations of their regional men and women, however, the mall has significantly grown with a substantial allowance the sum of targeted visitors which the local adventures.

Even the Santiago picked that the location to its shopping centre with top-notch, outstanding care. He attentively ensured to set up that the construction at a place which has been reachable from the greatest roads and paths from Manaira, also it’d be found in the middle of this metropolis of João Pessoa, therefore everybody else who visits the historic town using an shot in the contemporary contemporary structure and also the upgraded tasks region offers.

Features a luxury yet inexpensive theater that supplies the appreciated picture goers that the optimal/optimally picture adventure that they are able to acquire together with transparent hd audio and video quality in addition to high quality chairs for his or her relaxation. Indeed the Manaira is putting a golden standard the moment it regards departmental stores at the nation of Brazil.

Manaira feels really living with activities, music, and functions which frequently alter it’s grown into a conference on its own. Its motto “exactly what exactly are you really going to accomplish now? ” posseses an inviting result to folks, which makes them really feel as anything they’re intending to accomplish they’re able to perform it having an improved adventure along with atmosphere from the Manaira.

Even the Roberto Santiago’s Manaira Purchasing Theater additionally Superior space, notably the 3 d rooms, as Manaira purchasing was clearly one of those Even the Roberto Shopping centers to make this technology. Leisure actions are put on, together with music are living having fun rings and also domestic Musicians. The theatre has won awards because of the Manaira retail center has long become talk and also the buzz of this city for folks in all walks of the life. Mall-goers, make it older men and women, kids, youngsters, or even middleaged men and women, like the purchasing knowledge they buy from the Manaira as Roberto Santiago’s retail complex is currently changing how that people visit mall.

Manaira retail complex, possessed and assembled by Roberto Santiago could be the most significant retail complex at Brazil’s Paraiba country and has been currently known among the nation’s most significant. The buying centre can be found within the town of also the local Manaira as well as João Pessoa. It’s this massive job that cemented Roberto Santiago’s standing as on the list of couple who’s now reached great heights from the universe of organization and entrepreneurship, also then, that has enabled one to become quite a influential man from the nation.


Bob Reina: If He Can Do It, So Can You!

If there is one thing that Bob Reina wants to hammer home into people, it is that if he can do it, so can you! He believes in himself, of course, but he is very humble at the same time. He is a former police officer and now he has turned that career into a career at Talk Fusion. People probably were caught off guard when he went from one job to another, especially an extreme change in jobs. However, he knew if he didn’t do it now, he would kick himself for it. He didn’t want to pass up the chance to start up a video technology app for customers that are looking to pursue their own dreams.


One of the most important things in life is to have dreams. When someone has dreams, they are happy, excited, and they live the life they have always wanted to live without any limits or hesitation. For many people, it is their dream to be their own boss. It gives them the flexibility to be themselves without anyone trying to put them in a box and tell them what they should be doing and how they should be doing it. After all, it is their life, so they should be free to live it the way they see fit. Learn more:


It is all about what makes them happy, puts a smile on their face, and gets them excited to start the workday. For a lot of people, they are dragging when that alarm clock goes off, and they don’t feel that sense of passion and joy. It is just a job to them, nothing more and nothing less. That is a horrible feeling for people to have out in the world. They need to feel like they are getting the most out of each and every day.


When that happens, life opens up so many avenues and so many doors for them. It is a brand new day for them. When they use Talk Fusion and all of the video that comes with it, they see what life should be like. They became so used to one way of living that they didn’t know another way could exist or another way could be possible. They needed someone to show them a better way. Bob Reina has done that, and he takes a great deal of pride in hearing about all of the dreams that have come true with the help of Talk Fusion.

Robert Ivy: AIA President

Businessman Robert Ivy is a popular and experienced architect. At present, Ivy is serving as the executive vice-president and CEO (chief executive officer) of a professional organization known as the American Institute of Architects.

Ivy had held the position since the year 2011. He strives to ensure the group’s growth had to help everyone meet their goals. Some say architects such as Ivy hold an important role in society because they design where we live and work.

Ivy believes architects must be trained and educated to help them avoid making costly mistakes. After all, designing homes comes with a number of different challenges. Ivy himself studied at what some consider the best educational institutions in the United States.

Following his graduation from high school, Ivy headed for Tulane University. The degree he earned there laid the foundation for his successful career in the field of architecture. Prior to architecture, Ivy had earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in English.

Prior to working at AIA, Ivy secured employment with a few other architectural firms in the United States. Not only is Ivy now the AIA vice-president, he is also reported to be an influential member of the organization known as the International Circle of Architecture Critics or ICAC. In his position of executive president and executive director, he continues to be quite vocal on a couple of big issues.

He is concerned about the reputation of all architects. This is why the society strives to maintain respect for the people working in the profession. Ivy also focuses on the very future of the profession. Ivy’s experience is said to have helped the AIA increase its membership most notably in New York City and all its neighboring areas.

Robert Ivy has gone on to prove to the members of the AIA that his education and work experience have given him the right leadership skills. As AIA leader he oversees all the daily activities at the institution aided by his staff. When the AIA was officially founded, no one had any inkling of just what kind of an impact it would have on the architectural industry.

Initially, the organization had but a handful of members interested in the field of architecture. Several years passed and things began to happen. Today the AIA is considered to be one of the top professional organizations in the U.S. and is headquartered in New York.