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Career and Life Accomplishments of Sam Tabar

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Sam Tabar is a man who has been on the rise since he finished college. In his latest endeavors, he was appointed as the chief operating officer of a venture called FullCycle Energy Fund, and he will focus on the fund management strategy of this company. When accepting this appointment, Sam Tabar said that he was honored and privileged to be considered for the position.

He also said that it was his dream to hold such a position and he will join hands with other people within the company to ensure that the company achieves its success and long-term objectives. He said that he would work hard to ensure the company develops environmentally friendly fuels that will not hurt the environment through pollution.

According to Bloomberg, Sam Tabar has a proven success record when it comes to managing financial institutions and particularly their budgets. He has been involved with other companies in the past prior to this appointment such as Capital Strategy as well as Merrill Lynch commonly referred to as Bank of America where he used to function as the head of capital strategy.

His main responsibilities were dealing fund managers on issues related to institutional investors. The issues that he mainly dealt with under this category include funds of funds, foundations, endowments as well as pensions. While he may not have achieved all objectives set for him, he recorded significant progress with these two companies.

Before roles with these two companies, this financial expert used to work with another company called Sparx Group where he held the position of head of marketing in conjunction with other leaders. He was responsible for the global expansion of these company, and he also recorded significant success.

Tabar may perhaps have been shaped by his education background. For his undergraduate studies, Tabar attended Oxford University where he graduated with a degree in arts. For his master’s program, Tabar holds a master’s from Columbia Law School where he used to work as an editor for the university’s journal called Columbia Business Law Journal. Soon after finishing college, he started working with Skadden as an attorney and Meagher in the same position. During his inexperienced years, he also worked with Roth & Zabel.

Corporate’s Legal Shadow since 2000, Jeremy L. Goldstein

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The Lawyer Referral and Information Service (LRIS) along with have launched a new website to help people find legal representation with out the intimidating hassle of actually going into a lawyers office not knowing if they will be able to fit your legal needs. This new site is available 24-hours a day under full confidentiality. Using this site allows for a low hassle way to find quality legal help that has been verified by the New York State Bar Association. The new site is,

To find legal help through this method is quite simple three or four step process, depending if they live around another Bar Association. After entering the site they will need to fill in detailed information about your current address and legal issues. Once your personal information is submitted the New York State Bar Association will match them with the best fit lawyers in their area. The actual process of being matched with a lawyer is free, the only fees are a 35-dollar fee for the first meeting with the lawyer, and any fees that the lawyer and them agree upon for the actual legal services. If proffered, the L.R.I.S. phone service is still available.

Jeremy L. Goldstein, a partner of Jeremy L. Goldstein and associates LLC., started his education at the Pingry School of New Jersey. Upon finishing his elementary studies he moved on too obtain a Bachelor of Arts in art history, from Cornell University. Jeremy Goldstein about a year later got his Masters of arts in arts history, at the University of Chicago. Finally in 1999 from the New York University of Law Goldstein received his Juris Doctorate in law.

Jeremy worked with Shearman and Sterling as an associate and as partner with Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen, and Katz until 2014. Now as partner with his current law firm he specializes in corporate law and corporate governance, private equity and employment law.


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Fabletics; Taking the Fight to Amazon

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Enjoying any measure of success while a single company has control of 20% of the fashion eCommerce market is not easy. However, Fabletics is doing just that. In just three years, the company has grown its net worth to $250 million. Fabletics is using a unique subscription strategy to make sales. Their plan is quite simple; they mix convenience with the subscription mechanism, which has proven to be a potent combination.


The Old Ways Do Not Work


Traditionally, companies have relied on brand power to make sales. However, recent shocks in the economy mean that brand power alone is no longer enough. Consumers now want brands that can give them value for money without lowering quality. Besides that, factors such as gamification and exclusivity are becoming quite important in making sales.


Fabletics liken their model to Warby Parker or Apple, which are brands that succeeded by using unconventional tactics. Their strategy thus far seems quite successful. They plan to open more stores in the near future. This will be in addition to those that they already have in places such as Illinois, Florida, Hawaii, and California.


A Few Words for Those at the Helm of Fabletics


According to their General Manager, Fabletics has managed to modernize and reinvent the ‘high-value brand.’ It is something that they set out to do from the day they launched the company. The company offers high-end pieces combined with personalized service at half the price of the competition.


How Fabletics is Doing Things Differently


One of the ways the company is going against the current is by using a concept they have labeled ‘reverse showrooming.’ Through this model, the company is able to avoid the problem where people browse for clothes at a store but make purchases elsewhere. Their strategy entails having a great understanding of the local market. Thus, when a customer steps into the store, about 30-50% of them are already members of Fabletics. Besides that, they ensure that 25% of them become members inside the store. When a customer tries on an item, it is placed in their online cart. For Fabletics, there is no difference between the physical store and the online store.


Another strategy that Fabletics uses to pull ahead of the competition is the use of data. They understand the value of showing the right products to the right customer at the right time. As a result, they rely on a heavy data analysis to stock up each physical store. What is contained in the store is a reflection of the tastes expressed in that locality. Besides that, Fabletics has a creative team that keeps up with global fashion trends. With such a combination, customers are always assured of finding something they will like.


Fabletics can also attribute their success to a great people culture. One reason they have been so successful is that they have an authentic spokesperson. Kate Hudson has been a great representative of the brand. Consequently, people are able to put a face to the brand, which is always great for sales.