Manse on Marsh Receiving The Caring Star Award Two Years In A Row

by JimHanson82 .

There are countless assisted living facilities and nursing homes in our country, many of which put more effort in to other important aspects of their facility, rather than making it comfortable and nice place for their residents to live. An assisted living facility located in San Lois Obispo, CA, called Manse on Marsh cannot be included into that statistic. The Criteria to achieve this award is known to be difficult and tedious by today’s standards.

Locals in the areas of San Luis Obispo and of Arroyo Grande are easily accepted into assisted living community because it’s an independently owned facility. This facility received this prestigious award as a result of an over abundance of customer reviews and high ratings, most of them were provided by a Caring’s website. Due to exceptional customer satisfaction ratings steadily increasing Manse on Marsh has earned the Caring Star Award two more years in a row.

In order to begin to Qualify for The Caring Star Award Any facility in Question must have an overall rating that is more than 4 stars as well as requiring 5 star reviews for 2014 and 2015. The facility must not have any outstanding negative reviews that remain open, or that has not been managed properly. Manse on Marsh was well within their rights to receive The Caring Star Award because of their 5 star reviews, an average overall rating of 5 stars.

At this particular assisted living community they offer so much to its residents bathing, grooming, meal reminders, they have medication management, physical therapy and activities the list can go on and on. The facility puts each resident on a point system so that every individual person can pay and receive for items that they only request and use. Regardless where a client is from or their needs, they aim to help all potential residents, to increase awareness as well as bring in more residents into their community. Manse on Marsh has marvelous and complete care plan making it in the top ranking facilities within the country. That all needs will be met, this ensures that everyone is at ease and residents feel comfortably at home. Be sure to follow The Manse on Facebook, and feel free to contact them online.