Learn about Glen Wakeman in 3 minutes

by JimHanson82 .

Glen Wakeman is a successful executive and investor mentor, a small business owner, financial services manager, public company CEO, and board member. He has a 21-year experience in management at GE in P&L and business development roles.


He is passionate about growing businesses through improving company agility and performance and by using a proven methodology that enhances and assesses five key dimensions of performance; human capital, leadership, risk management, execution, and governance.
Glen Wakeman is currently the
founder and CEO of LaunchPad that has a fully automated software service that helps new entrepreneurs organize their ideas into plans that can work. The company has broad and massive tips and suggestions that will guide start-ups as they start. It is supported by a large number of capital ventures and mentors.

Before this, Glen was the founder and president of Nova 4, a business accelerator that provides access to funders and strategic advice to developing companies. He is still acting as the CEO of coaching and board duties as a way of sustaining the developments.


Glen has received several locals, national, and international awards for his exceptional leadership and his passion and dedication to the corporate world.


Glen attended the University of Chicago where he received his MBA. For his BS in economics and finance, he participated in the University of Scranton.

Role of GE Capital

Glen spent 20 years in successful complex roles in leadership in business development, general management, and operations management. In his last position as the CEO of GE Money Latin America, he grew a nine-country operation from a startup that exceeded $12B in assets and more than 17000 workers.

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Investing in Real Estate In Brazil

by JimHanson82 .

If you want to improve your finances for the future, there are plenty of ways to accomplish that goal. Investing in real estate is a great way to improve your cash flow every month. In addition, you can lock in appreciation gains over the long term. In Brazil, there are many investors who are coming in and snatching up properties quickly. If you want to invest in real estate, working with a company in the area is a great idea. Construcap is a company that has helped a lot of customers in recent years, and they are prepared to do that in the future as well.


With all of the growth in the economy of Brazil, many people are excited about working with Construcap. This is a company that knows the local economy well, and they are always thinking about how to make things easier on their customers. If you want to take your real estate investments to the next level, there are a lot of great ways to do that. However, you need to work with someone who has experience. Over the past couple of years, Construcap has been involved in a variety of real estate deals with their clients.

Future Growth

In the future, many people expect that Brazil will continue to experience a lot of economic growth. This is usually a good sign for real estate prices.